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Dear players,

Our congratulations go out to the tribe of TheFOE and their members who today have successfully won World 14 via a partnership with R.I.P.

We'd like to thank everyone that played on World 14 for their time playing Tribal Wars and hope they enjoyed playing the game.

TheFOE finished the world with a total of 1,075,936,617 points, 102,557 villages and 60 members.
R.I.P finished the world with a total of 237,856,966 points, 24,820 villages and 48 members.

The final top three ranked players were:

#1 - Drew-Waylander
#2 - Von Hallander
#3 - stork2020

These players will respectively be awarded 3000, 2000 and 1000 premium points.

In addition to this every member of TheFOE will be awarded 500 points each.

We will close the world this evening. The world will be kept online but 'frozen' so that the current rankings and players will be kept.

World 14 - guest access

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