W19 player pictures


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come on guys keep it on topic this time, and if you gonna post a picture actually post a pictures,

mudkips i know you love your tribe but come on.

me at my aunts wedding
I'd post a picture, but I have yet to be discovered... :(

I'm most likely highly unstable and even I was discovered, it'd be hard to get a picture. Sorry.


Wow, who would have thought a bird world be a fruit..could of at least taken the feathers off. :icon_biggrin:


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is *Untriennium* a flammable element? or can it make the glowy fire stuff cool colors! :lol:


This thread has had a single serious reply, and it was by OP. I don't think world 19 is quite ready for it. Requested to be closed until W19 starts.


I disagree. I posted a real picture of thorium therefore it counts.:lol:
Hahaha! You're really funny. Too bad the thread is Player pictures, and unless you photoshop me a decent picture of Thorium on a laptop, I won't accept that argument.