W26 Congradulations to Clear!

toxic moon

Dear players,

Our congratulations go out to the tribe of Clear! and their members who today have successfully won World 26 by achieving 100% dominance

We'd like to thank everyone that played on World 26 for their time playing Tribal Wars and hope they enjoyed playing the game.

Clear! finished the world with a total of 474,406,317 points, 48,133 villages and 37 members.

The final top three ranked players were:

#1 - smoke320
#2 - dronning iben
#3 - slid66

These players will respectively be awarded 3000, 2000 and 1000 premium points.

In addition to this every member of Clear! will be awarded 500 points each.

We will close the world this evening. The world will be kept online but 'frozen' so that the current rankings and players will be kept.

World 26 - guest access

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Thanks to everyone from W26. It was competitive and fun. We had some rough patches (mostly in the PnP :icon_biggrin:) but all in all everyone was a good sport and made it entertaining.

I learned a lot and am honored to be a part of Clear!. All of Clear!, including the noobs who didn't finish with us. :)


Well done guys. We, in T4H, had some good battles against you. Big congrats on the win!


Can you win a world unsuccessfully? :icon_eek:

But anyway.... gratz Clear!


Congratz to everyone!

Congratz to all W26 players, i believe that i was the last female standing in this world :icon_biggrin:

It was a roller coaster ride as i started very late into Tribal Wars, W26 being my first world, many thanks go out to all who supported me and helped me finish ranked 19th in the winning tribe Clear!

Special thanks to Fruity and my mate Iben :icon_wink:

Twlight ~

Shatner Sings

Thanks to everyone I either played with or against on W26. It's been a hell of a lot of fun. Looking forward to keeping in contact with my compadres in the FB group - it won't beat the laughs we had on Skype, but then nothing else could.


Big congrats guys, hell of a job to win both the skill and endurance tests.


brings an tear to my eye :'), well done everyone.. wish i could of stayed that tad longer!
Clear! all the way <3


Well done peeps!

Question to the mods....why is this thread "open" when the win thread for w24 is closed?

nancy jane

Congratulations everyone !!! Well done

nancy jane and Lionstrike
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Congratz to clear!, although i really hoped we could've Kill'd Em All