W33 History thread


Kind of like this?
Though, were it to include the whole history, it would have to be much more detailed. :p


Yes that is your point of view however you cannot have an inside detail on hawks as i hope you understand why ;)

Yours is a good one though your right !!!

Takes a long time !!!


This is the untold story of the west. I was KDK aristocracy so i know all of this. While all this was happening, watch, evoke, cola, reborn, all that was going on. I get a little biased, so dont mind that :p

KDK allies WG. FOST allies e=mc2. Fost declares on WG. KDK declares on Fost. e=mc2 declares on KDK and WG.

WG disbands and merges into KDK. Fost disbands and half merge with KDK the other half with e=mc2. KDK now around 6m points wars e=mc2 20m points and a stalemate occurs, making e=mc2 look bad.

KDK finally disbands after a year of constant warring. KDK loyalist refuse to join e=mc2 scum and join HAWKS. Traitors join e=mc2.

HAWKS war e=mc2 and destroy pudog and katt, two big players. megan quits and so do scithre and other e=mc2 top dogs. TW joins in on the fight on HAWKS team. e=mc2 cant handle the pressure and propose NAP, HAWKS say no.

Meanwhile in the east.... (old) detox cowards attack allies and HAWKS vs detox begins. HAWKS reconsider nap with e=mc2. legion joins detox. e=mc2 ally HAWKS and TW after legion attacks e=mc2.

e=m2 merge into HAWKS and detox betrays legion while allying HAWKS.