W36's Best players


40-below was by far this worlds greatest player...you guys were lucky to have him there


hibby989; One fantastic leader and the leader of DICE. Shalln't forget his time here in W36. Just thought he needed a mention ;3


I keep coming back to this place, and read some of the old threads from time to tmie. It's a trip down memory lane. I've gotta admit, not all of them were good memories - some very tough times, but overall this was a fun world to play, and it had great settings. :) Some things are eating away at me, however.

I will share with you my story and some of my experiences here. First, just to let everyone here know a little bit more about me - some may not remember me "who the hell is this Amishprankster guy?!" "I don't know, I thought he played in w37, maybe he got drunk and posted on the wrong forum?".

I was playing and leading in w36 / w37 simultaneously. Baron-36 Wuke and Duke-37 1ns4n3. NO, I don't want a cookie Celebreus -- inside joke, I'm sure a few will remember him /sarcasm. :icon_rolleyes: By the way, what ever happened to him?


My experiences in Wuke:
[SPOIL]Most of my Wuke tribe mates knew that, being a duke of w37 1ns4n3 did hinder me at times and kept me from being able to give it everything (in this world); eventually overwhelmed me and lead to my departure. I think even they knew that, even with the time I was able to give, I was able to make some sort of impact here; help to make Wuke pretty successful (in numerous ways - but it was a team effort). I was one of the first to challenge Active on the PNP forums (which was very difficult - due to their leaders/players, and the crowd control at that time) but it did help to somewhat lesson the stranglehold they had on this world and it's forums -- which was all built up by them of course; props to them and SOME of their leaders (who I will mention later) who created perhaps one of the most dominant and feared early world tribes that the game has seen.[/SPOIL]

Most know that I was more of a "heal/bad guy" here. :icon_evil: As was anyone else who challenged Active (there was a lot of people to argue/debate with). Make way for the bad guy.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yky4QtRX_DI

I must say there's a bit of a "revisionist history" going on (at least sometimes - this happens in most worlds, not just here). We were always at war here, facing crazy odds so we really didn't have time to tell our story. But, I want to get back to being good ol' aggressive AG, that I was known for here -- forgive me, as the nice guy in me is about to leave the building...


People who made an impact; people who earned my respect
Simz, Don Mikel, Deb (makes both lists) Active and it's members (who's names escape me, but who were very good players - my memory is fading at age 30. Many probably aren't aware of this, but I played with them in the past during w28 Sun.s (which later became Rogue). Very good players and very good PNP/forum posters.

Conspikuos - especially - he'd get my vote for MVP/most valuable leader (Conspik and Simz would be my nominations), who did a tremendous job leading Wuke under a lot of scrutiny/pressure/chaos, (and also later on: when some of his co-leaders were inactive (DTADM) or were doing things in other worlds (Me). Really, our best contributions in this world -- me and DTADM, is likely in seeing the potential in him before others did, and it wasn't easy. WOW is all I can say. What a way to break in a new leader, huh? :icon_surprised: All of Wuke - loved you guys/girls and sorry I had to leave. Props to Bobbo fat as well, for turning Wuke into some what of a fan favorite - towards the end.

XVI: (another tribe with balls) XVI leaders, Noobish Idiot, Nudist etc... ; lots of others that I'm forgetting, but I cannot remember -- in tribal wars terms, I am getting old.

By the way, does anyone know how Deb is doing with her Cancer treatment? (compassionate inquiry).


AG's sh*t list:

Someone in your tribe, somehow "deliberately" got yourself banned, during a Wuke op (created by me, Conspik or DTADM - I forget), in which probably wouldn't have ended well. Instead, all of our nukes hit you (without the nobles behind them and vice/verse); then you (or your tribe) even went on to blame that on Wuke - in which leaders like Hibby and Avalanche, backed and supported.

Let's just say, after hindsight, it is more than likely that someone in your tribe got you banned somehow, so you wouldn't have to deal with the embarrassment of being nobled by Wuke -- and by the way, one of your ex members actually was the one that brought that to my attention. I've played with a few of them since w36 and they are great players/good people. I will not name them, however -- so technically, this could be considered a rumor. But even so, blaming Wuke for getting you banned, in the middle of an op, without any proof or evidence; using it to get even more tribes to attack us....

Acti(v)e declares declares on Wuke thread http://forum.tribalwars.net/showthread.php?154682-Stop!-Squizzle-Time. Notice I said Acti(v)e and not Active. That's because a tribe known as (v) was also part of these plans. In that thread you can also see that I kept bringing up other tribes, and I wanted them to stay out of it. I was talking about Dice, but I couldn't say so, or it would provoke/give them a reason to join the war...


Of course, that (and many other things - namely merge after merger after merge - which is ironic, since Wuke was created from a merge of Nuke/Wick) lead to other tribes attacking Wuke. Wuke fought tribe after tribe after tribe (sometimes at the same time), namely because Active diplomacy was on "sale" and everybody wanted a piece of their real estate (recruit their members). The Active leaders: namely the founders: Simz and ?, were likely the ones who set the tribe up for success. They were a very dominant tribe, and they were very hard to debate with / fight.

In some of the posts in this thread, you see leaders like Hibby, Avalanche (I forgive you btw), you really didn't have much of a choice, and others heralded for their "strong leadership".

All I want to say is really? What did some of these leaders ever do to make a "huge" impact on this world? In my opinion some of these leaders always took the "easiest road to travel", they took short cuts.

Hibby: Dice defeated Evil, but also had a lot of help (from Active and even Wuke - maybe DVADER too?), and then tried to take all of the credit). All they ever did was go along with whatever Active asked/told them to do, and agree to be "yes" men (or yes woman in Hibby's case - I think he/she was a girl?), agree to screw other tribes etc...

Granted, I will give some props here, Dice was very good at coordinating ops, at least at the beginning of the world. However, they had one unsuccessful op, and then couldn't rebound/handle the adversity that was soon to come -- that op was against Wuke, by the way, right after their leader called us out -- and pretty much mocked us (http://forum.tribalwars.net/showthread.php?165000-And-with-a-roll-of-the-Dice). Offered Wuke an NAP if they would "stop attacking Active", and when we declined, he/she declared on us. :icon_razz:

Dice could put very well timed ops together. Unfortunately, that also makes the person you are attacking "stand out like a sore thumb" and your ops were crushed. Hibby, I think it was DTADM who wrote in your declaration thread, "declare on Wuke, and you'll be disbanding in less the 3 months" ; That's certainly what happened. /Hibby exits w36 because of real life problems.

W36 mid-late game war archive/history:

[SPOIL](V) declares on Wuke. Active declares on Wuke a few days later (loses to Wuke - in which XVI participated in - helped Wuke towards the end). Dice takes in Active refugees, and then declares on Wuke (loses). DVADER sits on it's hands (does NAP Wuke though), takes in various refugees from various tribes --Dice bein oneof them, and then DVADER declares on Wuke. Wuke loses, gets recruited by DVADER, and then DVADER wars XVI. If I forgot any other Wuke wars please let me know :icon_surprised:[/SPOIL]

Hmm, nothing stands out there I suppose lol. But I think most in Wuke actually enjoyed every minute of it^^.


-You may have noticed that I didn't mention the winning tribe DVADER much. It's because I really don't remember too much about them. They were quiet early in the world (which can be a good thing), and I really only remember them warring Wuke - then recruiting their members (who speak highly of you guys btw); then warred XVI, a tribe I was a fan of. They were careful and stayed out of conflicts early on. They won the world, so they had to of done something right, I just don' know much about them. When we were going through all of the stuff mentioned above, I remember an NAP was offered (which we appreciated - but I believe there were also some annoyances with that too), but you recruited Dice refugees and declared on a battered/beaten down Wuke :icon_neutral: which I really didn't think too highly of, but in truth, Wuke was likely still your biggest threat -- even after being in two blockbuster wars beforehand.

In any case, It is what it is.

I enjoyed it here guys/gals - and I"m just having fun with some of you (for old times sake). I'm really not saying anything that I hadn't said/thought before, but these things are interesting to bring up, and talk about in hindsight :)

Take care and good luckk, in your future endeavors (TW and real life) - this was kind of rushed, but there is some good info here and probably some things people didn't know about.

Say good night to the bad guy - last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again, let me tell yah'

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