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Discussion in 'World 39' started by xXx Nithgor xXx, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Firstly, it is my duty to be sure the I serve the community to the best of my ability. But in order for me to do so, I'll need everyone's help. If you see a post that you feel is off topic, spam, or inappropriate, then I need that post to be reported. Regardless of how severe or minor it may be, if you report it, I can guarantee that it will be reviewed.

    Outside of that, I would like everyone to be sure they have a fair understanding of the forum rules before posting.

    With that said,

    Please be sure to remember that the forums do not belong to you as an individual, but to you as a community. Everyone is to rest assured that they'll be able to post their own opinions without being subject to flames of any sort.

    As long as you're able to maintain a respectful argument or discussion in alignment with our Forum Rules & the guidelines mentioned above; feel free to do so.
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  2. pkiwarrior

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    Originally posted by xXx Nithgor xXx
    I feel the need to stress the importance of reporting posts, so here it is.

    The feature is there for several reasons; the most obvious being:

    A) It allows the community itself to moderate the forums in a positive way. Anyone with common sense, that has gone over our forum rules - should know what's inappropriate, and what isn't.

    B) It helps us, your moderators, to identify problem topics the moment they occur; leading to immediate action taking place.

    C) It helps provide a positive environment by enabling the enforcement of our rules to remain active, and aids in keeping the majority of all topics on course.

    With this said, I'd like to strongly suggest that everyone makes proper use of this wonderful feature - as it is not to remain idle, or be abused.
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    The amount that flaming on these forums has turned into petty personal insults is astounding. Remember to keep real life insults out. They are against the rules and will be punished accordingly.

    Anything in-game related is fair game.
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  5. Atlantia

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    I thought now would be a good time to post a quick hello to all of those who don't know me here.

    My name is Atlantia ( I also answer to Atl or Abi), and I have recently taken over as Elder Moderator of this forum.

    What that basically means is that for the most part you will still have your lovely and highly capable live-in Mod doing all the day-to-day running of this forum. However, I will be hovering in the background, providing holiday cover, and dealing with any bigger issues that might come up.

    In the unlikely event anyone has a problem with the way this forum is moderated, or wants to complain about the way a situation here has been handled, then I am the person to talk to. If a circumstance arises where you (or your mod) feel that for what-ever reason there is a clash of loyalties between mod and player, then I am the person to come to instead.

    I am also the next step up the appeal ladder with regards to infractions, if you honestly feel that you don't deserve a punishment you received in this forum, then come to me with a calm and well-constructed argument, and I will have a look at your case.

    I will not tolerate mod-bashing, or breaking of the rules in any forum. I tend to come down hard on these. The rest of the time however, I am all fluffy and huggable :icon_wink:
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    The forums are a bit of a mess right now. With the recent declarations every thread is sort of about the same topics... if that makes sense.

    In order to make everyone's reading easier, try to post everything in the appropriate thread. That means:
    PoP! vs Random stuff in that thread.
    Raid vs PoP! stuff in that thread.
    -V- vs POS-X stuff in that thread.
    82nd vs Lowkey stuff in that thread.
    Those are 4 seperate wars and only stuff about that specific war should be posted in that thread

    Anything speculations about which tribes will join which side keep in the World War thread.
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    Just so you people know, adding something like "I hope RAID win" to the end of an off-topic post will not save it...
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    So lately I've noticed a lot of people posting one word posts like "lol" or just a single smilie like ":icon_rolleyes:" as a post. These aren't really allowed. The forum rules say it better than I can
    Try and post something worth reading ;D
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    So, these last 2 or so days you guys have decided to become far more active which is fine and dandy except that half of your posts I've had to either close threads, delete for off-topic or warn/infract.

    Its great that you're more active but please, for the sake of not getting infractions, try and stay on-topic ;D
  10. pkiwarrior

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    Haven't had to post in here for 3 months! WOOT!
    If you saw my test thread, don't mind me... I was just testing the setting of how to make a poll again :lol: :icon_redface:
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    Please keep the past in the past. We don't need flame wars about tribes that haven't been around for months again (82nd). Unless it is actually relevant to the topic (which so far hasn't been the case) there is no reason to bring it up.
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    Recently, there have been far too many references made to bans and/or ban discussion. For those of you who are unsure of the rules, please read the forum rules at the top of the page, pay particular attention to this blurb:

    Discussion about Rule-Breaking
    To report the breaching of rules by another player In Game please use the support system. Do not open complaint topics in the forum. Any reference to IG (In Game) Bans, Ban discussion (forum or IG) or cheating is forbidden. Please note that this includes advertising cheating (i.e, offering premium points for services ingame). The Tribalwars Team will act with discretion in all situations. This is to maintain the privacy that stands between Moderators and Players, and we expect that privacy to be upheld by players also. This applies to Forum Moderation as well as IG Moderation.

    Up until now, I've been forgiving in how I've handled punishments in regards to ban discussion and/or ban references, however going forward....
    ANY references made to IG Bans, or any ban discussion no matter how subtle, or small, will result in infractions being handed out, and if I feel it necessary further punishment taking place.
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