W42 Introduction Thread


So, I'd like to know who all these people I lurk here on W42 forums really are :D
Many of you know me but here goes :

Name: Thenonseen/Rass/Rasmus/Kitteh

Age: 14

Occupation: God damn school -.- (8th grade just ending atm)

Location: Estonia, Tallinn (Don't you dare consider Estonia a part of russia -.- )

Hobbies: PC/football/basketball/skiing/cycling/jogging/snowboarding etc.... too many to name :D But I love ANYTHING that is to do with high speeds, great heights or well anything that makes ur heart pump faster :D I'm quite sporty (work out 6 times a week.. trying to be no.1 next year :D Not much missing

Favorite music: Ugh ugh, anything besides most of rap,country and metal.

Favorite movies: Inception/Monty Pythons stuff/The Waiting

Favorite TV series: Top Gear, Fringe

Favorite quote: GLaDOS: “Oh hi, how are you holding up? BECAUSE I’M A POTATO" Simply could not not laugh about that.

I could not live without:
My limbs or organs, music , the internet (Well I could but then I'd be bored more often), and that somebody <3

To sum me up: I'm very active, sporty, own a concentration of a 3 year old and I'm always up for anything fun or dangerouse:D

And finally a picture of me (Taken about a year back and not the best quality but still) :


Your turn people! And PICTURES!
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Name: Humpty

Age: 18

Occupation: College, currently playing semi pro soccer :p

Location: Jersey shore

Hobbies: Any sport, occasionally a good day of xbox live

Favorite music: Lil wayne, drake, nicki minaj <3 , mac miller, wiz khalifa

Favorite movies: Hangover (1 & 2), Get him to the greek, Superbad

Favorite TV series: Californication, South Park, futurama, Supernatural

Favorite quote: N/a

I could not live without: Alcohol and other various drugs




Name: Scott Lanning

Age: 36

occupation: self-employed

Location: My bedroom in front of this electronic contraption like always:)

Hobby's: Fishing:)

Favorite music: most anything

Favorite movies: Fallen, Smokey and the Bandit (1&2), Up in Smoke & still smokin'

Favorite TV series: Son of anarchy, Deadliest Catch, and Swamp people

Favorite Quote: You can't live without'em and ya can't kill'em;)

I could not live without: My heart;)

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Name: John / Nystagmus / ying-ling

20 (on Tuesday)

Student, studying Math


Gaming / Soccer / Golf / Other random shit. I like being spontaneous.

Favorite music:
Anything but country. My music library consists of anything from Tupac to Michael Buble.

Favorite movies:
Inception / The Hangover 1&2 / Memento / The Dark Knight / The Lion King / and likely many others.

Favorite TV series:
House / Scrubs / Mythbusters

Favorite quote:
"Enjoy the little things."

I could not live without:
Friends & Family / Food

To sum me up:
I can be an asshole, though that's normally because I'm very honest with people. I'm very interested in technology, most notably smart phones / computers. I'm pretty easy going as long as you can show some common sense when you're around me.

And finally a picture of me
(Taken about a year back and not the best quality but still):



Name: Aaron

Age: 18

Occupation: student (computing, p.e and history) possibly army in 1 months time :icon_biggrin:

Location: England

Hobbies: Rugby, shooting, gym, training for triathlon :)

Favorite music: anything half decent.

Favorite movies: Avatar woo

Favorite TV series: Lost-good old lost.

Favorite quote: I like turtles

I could not live without:[/B] other than the obvious im going to put my friends

To sum me up: Im awesome. :L

Picture: meh when i cba to load one up.


Moar people moar! :p Cmon, not that hard to introduce yourself.


I will later after i finish raging against myself regarding my recent android mess up......GAAAAHHHH


\Name: Richard/Valtheran88

Age: 22

Occupation: ex-military looking for a tech job.

Location: wisconsin united states.

Hobbies: Computers reading writing gaming tribalwars movies etc etc.

Favorite music: anything i can learn the words to.

Favorite movies: star wars star trek star gate

Favorite TV series: star trek star gate.

Favorite quote: Sir we will just take their villages because they dont know how to build them properly.

I could not live without:
books or my eyes

To sum me up: muscular techy

And finally a picture of me (Taken about a year back and not the best quality but still) :



Name: Shane/Evocablepanic
Age: 30

Occupation: Self Employed TW player/plumber in that order :p

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Hobbies: TW/rugby/cricket/swimming.....and beer

Favorite music: Anything from the eighties, most music really

Favorite movies: Jaws 1 & 2, Ben Hur
Favorite TV series: Babylon 5

Favorite quote: George Taylor: You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell! planet of the apes-1968

I could not live without: Bananas
To sum me up: Beer swilling, sportnut, banana loving, scifi geek with delusions of grandeur

And finally a picture of me (Taken about a year back and not the best quality but still) :




Name: Phil D

Age: 20

Occupation: Local Bank Manager

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Tribe of origin on w42: Was an original VectoR member based in k56. VectoR eventually became the foundation for ModWar.

Hobbies: This was asked of me a few days ago. Took me a while to answer it. Most time is consumed by work and school... thus my exit from actually playing this game 5 months ago. Other than work and school... just relaxing with friends and doing whatever we feel like doing. Typical short answer: lounging, sports, and politics.

Favorite music: Typically been a modern rock type of guy... but lately getting into some good rap. Just do not throw country at me.

Favorite movies: Anything with a good story line to it. More inclined to historical portrays, war films, and solid action.

Favorite TV series: True blood, South Park, Spartacus

Favorite quote: As of yesterday:
"Get me another beer dragon lady, this one's empty"
-Walt Kowalski, Gran Torino

I could not live without: Friends, Family, Women... for all three of these are what bring me happiness. Living a live without happiness is not one worth living.

To sum me up: I am not a gamer. In fact this is the only game i got into, and solely on the political and social aspect of it. I am studying Political Science, History, and Management currently.

Skype: philiip.decrans

Photo: Sporting the dirty 'stache last summer.