[W47] Congratulations to ~One~

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Dear players,

Our congratulations go out to the tribe of ~One~ and their members who today have successfully won World 47 by eliminating all opposition and achieving 100% dominance.

We'd like to thank everyone that played on World 47 for their time playing Tribal Wars and hope they enjoyed playing the game.

~One~ finished the world with a total of 272,851,798 points, 28,438 villages and 66 members.

The final top three ranked players were:

#1 - Ruey3
#2 - lucynda
#3 - Social Disorder

These players will respectively be awarded 3000, 2000 and 1000 premium points.

In addition to this every member of ~One~ will be awarded 500 points each.

We will close the world tomorrow morning.

World 47 - guest access

Community manager
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