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Good rules?

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All counting in the Good VS Evil thread must be in the same direction that the moderator (Charmander) decides to post in! Good usually. :)

Guessing who posts next in Guess who posts next must be done accurately with no guessing whatsoever or severe punishments will be handed out I will personally come to switch on your clairvoyance gene so you can experiance the 'force' and post accurately.

In the Count 100 000 thread if you post last and there is no response for two days you are required to post a public apology begging for forgiveness and for your honoured to be retained.

Also not using the W47 SPAM THREAD! is deemed illegal and will be punished with a generous ban and removal of your fingers!
(The rules are subject to change at anytime and do not necessarily have to be true!) :p

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Let it be noted that I have absolutely no intention of following these rules :p

Have at you, tyrant!