W55 Milestones!


First one to have 100K total OD :)
1 pcconquerer [=LL=] 110.225

YouRe Out

1 million ODt First Rawr, second e+

Last milestone for Rawr!, unfortunately.


i think the person running it is inactive o.0
Hey guys, sorry but I'm back. Got a week long break from school and decided to get a break from Tribal Wars too. It was a blast, but sadly I'm back. :icon_wink:

I hope I can continue to update this for you guys, but I currently do not play on this world anymore. I'll try my best.


rugsbunny 2nd to 10 villages Aatank 3rd to 10 villages


mmmm think rugs has u beat when u look at conquers. your internals are abit embarrassing


did he jump tribes?
sorry for no seeing that, you recall the beginning of the world with players flaming others for nobling barbs or low pointers etc. not so much urself doing that but alot has change in the nobling since all the forum haunters got so judgmental with the rest of us.

even the player who nobled the 68 pointer thats been posted a few times. imo looking at the history of his acct i didnt think that type of nobling was a waste of nobs for him. seemed appropriate and i dont mean negatively, i am sure he/she had fun building their acct their own way.

its just funny in this thread listening to those same players post a different version now.

:icon_idea: how about most internal noblements, not being funny. i think thats a legit and appropriate goal in this game and one all levels of gamers could strive for equally.