W57 Music Thread


I have 3 different ratings for that, Brat.

0/10 For the...I dunno, the reference. Your reason for posting THIS video.

3/10 because it's not a good song.

8/10 for the "lyrical content" :icon_twisted::lol: because I do like a girl who isn't afraid to swear, that's just my twisted opinion though. :icon_twisted::icon_twisted::icon_twisted:

From the looks of this thread, acoustic songs are hit an miss in this community, but I still think acoustic songs, and acoustic versions of songs can be great often better than the original. Here is one of my favourites.
Foo Fighters - Times Like These


9/10 Love that song, but it would have been a 10/10 if legit electric guitars came in near the end, and made for a great ending. Still good though.

Here is a song I made. Creating my own songs has been my passion lately, and im only 14 :D Might start putting stuff on Itunes shortly.

European Dreaming