W68 Co playing


Looking for a co player. Times will be discussed outside of this forum, as basically we'll fit you in wherever we can.
Probs will be around 17:00st-24:00st though, but the account is very relaxed so if no ones on feel free to go on.
There are two co players on the account, me and another one. Im British and he's from Canada.

The account just hit a million, i'll tell you our name in skype chat or whatever. Rank 2 tribe.
You'll need to be able to snipe, tag, farm ( lots ), backtime etc etc.

There is premium on the account, but if you want to add to that you are most welcome. We kinda share who buys. There will be some days where there will not be premium, but those will be few.

My skype tag is: remember2012fool

Or you can add me on gtalk, whatever is easier for you. theawesomespammer1997@gmail.com


I have added you on skype i will be willing you to show you all my previous accounts ect and what i have been doing