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I would like to put up a history of the world, I know the most about my continent K56 so I will post that K's history up to today. If everyone could put up the history of their continents or just pm me it if you want me to add it to my post.

The history of K56:

K56 is one of the "rim" continents on this very small world. It was very quiet early on with family tribes dominating early on but slowly Fart moved in to the continent and brought war to the area.

Their were 3 other main tribes in the area at the time: Van who was in the centre of the K and in the north, The Kiss family (Kissax and KissSw) who were right next to Van and were based slightly to the east of them and N.W.O (N.W.O and N.W.O.A) who were based in the south. These 3 tribes all had a NAP with each other and were all in Fart's pocket. Then @Night declared on Fart who brought these tribes into a coalition in an attempt to gangbang Night, the problem with this is it blocked one of Fart's members Kripto666 from expanding by eating all the little noobs in these tribes. So he left the tribe to create his tribe Yolo (Yolosolo) and I quote Khite Tzu leader of Fart saying "Sigh... Noble his ass."

Poor Monzilla tried to get NWO to contribute to an op but all of their attacks were sniped by Magic Mike, then Kripto was close to being destroyed.. If he had another op on him he would be destroyed and he knew this, around this time Baldur and Greg were joining the account. Greg who had led tribes in the past opted to recruit the best of NWO to help save his account so Poor Monzilla and others were recruited into the tribe putting them to rank 4 in the continent behind Van who was now rank 1, Fart who was rank 2 and KissAx who was rank 3.

This was NWO's stats - http://www.twstats.com/en75/index.php?page=tribe&id=5174
This was NWO A's stats - http://www.twstats.com/en75/index.php?page=tribe&id=5820

Kissax fell quite quickly after this due to weakness from their leaders and Van took the best of their members which solidified them as rank 1 with quite a large lead over Fart. Van was supporting Fart in their war against Van which was proving problematic for @Night when Fart was pulling stacks out of what seemed to be no where. Once @night found out about this they got Greg (A former tribe mate of Mint's from a previous world and leader of Yolo) to try and destroy Van.

This was Kissax's stats - http://www.twstats.com/en75/index.php?page=tribe&id=5586
This was KissSw's stats - http://www.twstats.com/en75/index.php?page=tribe&id=5594

Van signed a NAP with Yolo around this time and set up a joint forum in order to work together to get further control of the continent. Then they found the most influential and skilled members and worked on getting them to join, there were two members who were the prominent players (MADieval Penguin was wanted as he was a very skilled player) and Earl of Lemongrab who commanded the loyalty of most of the tribe. Earl of Lemongrab was recruited first and told everyone in Van about how well the tribe was run. At this time MADieval Penguin was in talks with Fart and Yolo to decide who he would join but he decided to join Yolo for reasons that I'm still not clear on.

Then Yolo recruited two more members based on Earl's recommendation - Sa6kov and MrMcnelson. Then between these four players they went about controlling the north and without MADieval Penguin Van fell apart, MADieval absolutely dominated during this time and mopped up the north which gave Yolo control of most of the continent except for the very north which was @night and fart contested area. Soon after Van fell Fart lost their war with @Night which meant that Night now controlled the north of K56 and the border was contested.

This is Van's stats http://www.twstats.com/en75/index.php?page=tribe&id=3771

Thus was born Yolo - #Yolo Right? the most fun tribe I have ever played in. With 333 to their west in K56 and @night in the north they had only one way to expand - to the south towards Fate. The northern players were told to noble some barbarians in order to create a front with Fate and they were also busy mopping up the remaining Fart players as they decided to just join in on the war at this stage and eat as many Fart villages as they could now that the tribe had fallen and the leadership had all mass deleted. Yolo was around for around 3 months in total from start to finish.

Yolo fought Fate in a very effective first encounter with them taking out Caliburnil but soon 333 joined in on the war which really ruined the fun of that fight. Then when the biggest accounts of Yolo, Kripto666 and MADieval Penguin went to do an op the main player of MADieval Penguin had to leave due to IRL reasons leaving Kripto to do an op without knowing that MADieval was not participating. This led to them losing a large amount of nukes and calling a ceasefire with Fate, who was now being led by Hidden Gem (more recently known as Power Ranger Hidden Gem) who is known on the forums as Heartlessfool.

After MADieval's main player quit it was taken over by it's newest co player who had played on Earl of Lemongrab previously so the account was still played but seriously crippled by losing a very active player who kept up with the 4 man team on Kripto. Then another unfortunate event happened, the leader of Yolo get very sick and decided to quit TW. He left for a few days with no word to anyone and in this time the members of Yolo pushed for a merge with Fate as both tribes were running very low on players at this point. Luckily Kripto's players delayed the merge and tried to organize to get our best players into @night. It was only going to be two players at first but then the leader of Yolo returned and organized for @night to take in all but three members.

This is Yolo's stats - http://www.twstats.com/en75/index.php?page=tribe&id=7273
This is Fate's stats - http://www.twstats.com/en75/index.php?page=tribe&id=3527

This led to @night having around 60% control over K56.

K56 has always been plagued by a lot of small rim tribes. PACK-E/PACK being the main tribe for small players in K56, while @Night players in K56 concentrated on Sex/Fate they barbled a large amount of the continent so once Fate was finished @Night turned their attention towards PACK whose largest account quickly gave up while some of the smaller accounts still continue fighting bravely.

PACK started off as two seperate tribes but eventually merged all their seperate tribes into one entity, they originate from W60.

This was PACK-E's stats - http://www.twstats.com/en75/index.php?page=tribe&id=6603
This is PACK's stats - http://www.twstats.com/en75/index.php?page=tribe&id=344


Thanks for reading and people who know an in depth history or even a basic history of other continents should post up the history of these K's.

This is a very in depth history of K56 and I outlined a lot of why things happened, I tried to avoid bias but for someone who was involved in the events that is hard to do as I have my opinion on why things turned out the way they did. If you have constructive suggestions please PM me.




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and the leadership had all mass deleted.

I was a baron of Fart. :p I didn't mass delete. I simply never really participated in the Fart/Night war and eventually gave my villages to people. Since then, I've stuck around with my single village. :D I did have a 46 point or so village, but forgot to log in and logged on what would have been the 15th day of not logging in, so now I have my single 26 point village that I log into to keep alive. :D


I think people are more interested in the events occurring with CMD and Frogs in space accounts.


its a bit boring you know. yolo is not winning this word and you are not a great player , so what is it really that that you want to say ?

I'm just trying to document what happened to give @Night dominance over K56, this isn't a bragging thread. I said MADieval was a good player back in Van, I wasn't on the MAD account then I was Earl of Lemongrab. I don't think you've understood why I put this together. It's so everyone who wants to can know the history of this world and I've just put up what I know and I am hoping others will put up more.
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K35 history -

I'll keep this brief :) early on there were 3 mass recruit tribes WOAH!, W-D and USA. They all decided to war @night when nobled started coming out. There were 3-4 other tribes that joined against us but they didn't get a single @night village while @night nobled dozens. Eventually there was just wrap-it left who had a position ready to split @night in two and they were allied with fart so we did what we had to and killed wrap it then warred fart.

For whatever reason fart did not work well as a team so we won that war and control of k35. Since then we have just had to clear out trash tribes like sneakl and are having fun beating on norse' north side now



From what I remember:

-MW- and -mdw- mass recruited and then started a pointless early war with KNIGHT. Lloyd5. then got rimmed and this family dissolved. Meanwhile, Fart had started as a premade and started recruiting - including King Donuts who was briefly (i think) the rank 2 account. They held the rim of the continent. 333 held the core with Calimer0 being one of their top accounts. @night were further to the rim than Fart.

After -mw- fell their members went to WrapIt, Fart or KNIGHT. WrapIt were strong allies of Fart. @Night opped WrapIt and they fell quickly with Antidote, GOML? and Shaman Matozan taking a few villages each. Fart could see their allies falling and joined them in the fight against @Night. This battle lasted a while but Fart never had an upper hand. Cmd.Magma and Hells Castle took villages off Pepe1 but almost everywhere else ground was lost. Lexis.25 put up a good fight as did King Donuts but the battle was lost due to superior teamwork from @Night and many Fart players getting tired of other members inactivity.

Khite Tzu announced he would delete and many others followed. 3 accounts joined @Night and the rest who didn't delete (including doler9) continued to make @night pay for their villages.

This left a band of barbarians between @night and 333 which @night rightfully claimed and took. This brought them into contact with KNIGHT in SW K45. Mint delcared on KNIGHT and kept an alliance with 333. Mintcream who had largely been in K46 up until now was the dominant force in the KNIGHT war which was not really a contest. There were very few caps for KNIGHT and Mint took most of their tight cluster.

Meanwhile, Jlovekamp joined @night briefly before quickly leaving (no-one was upset). He was then recruited to SLOW and Mint declared war. Once again Mint was the main aggressor once again putting his new cluster to good use. Jlove sniped until he ran out of def and then quit.

Norse then declared on 333 and @night stood by them. As accounts, organisation and leadership fell in 333 some were taken into @Night. @Night mopped up the small tribes and players to acheive over 95% dominance

Now K45 is a @Night stronghold with only 6 Norse villages. Mint rules the continent despite it not being his original cluster. K44 and K55 are next ;)
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I did not join KNIGHT nor did i ever have any interaction with them after fart disbanded.

Get your facts straight man.


Pretty sure I be coming for k45. I had nothing in k44 now it is my main cluster. Am coming for k45.


Well, since I do not think any players who had/have been on K43 since the beginning of the world I will tell its story.

Started off with a frenzy of mass recruiting tribes, family tribes, etc, just scrounging for every player who was not yet in a tribe. This was a pretty recurring theme in K43, I must say. By the end of the first month or so, there were a few "major competitors" (perhaps only ostensibly, but they would definitely have appeared so to someone who was not familiar with the continent) which were CHAOS/SoC (the tribe I was in), KB (Killer Bunnies), the Elite Dead Family, and SWEET + sowhat. None of these were particularly, if at all, threatening to the major tribes at the time (tribes like Jager, 333, @Night, Norse). CHAOS had about 20 members, comparable in number only to Norse (but Norse had no academy tribe) for a tribe of its rank.

CHAOS had a lot of internal problems since its supposed leader, Garagna/Lord Ayok, had ragequit on multiple different occasions over things nobody can even bother to remember anymore. Blah blah blah, and this idiot crez1991 is in charge who tries to get out top 5-10 players join HOODROW or something. Honestly, there were so many lies and behind-the-scenes deals at this point that I don't think anyone had an actual plan for anything. Meanwhile, crez also formed a family tribe (god, why?) with Elite dead wolves, but it was more like they were bashing for us and whenever one of them quit the top 3 players in our tribe rushed to eat them (ahem lol you know who you are). After some other stupid stuff no one cares about, crez1991 was ousted and we basically just reformed the same tribe. This happened while SWEET and ???? (sowhat) were making deals about taking CHAOS down. After crez was gone, and a new dude who quickly rose to power called t bone steak was appointed duke, things changed quite fast. Before we knew it, we were reforming a new tribe called SoSrry which was to include SWEET, sowhat, and CHAOS as one, which would bring to an end the major early K43 war.

T bone steak honestly seemed like a good guy. He was fun to talk with, decently intelligent, knew the game, and was willing to help out tribemates. If you ever get to know t bone, however, what you will learn is that he is in it for himself, and only himself. Expedience is much more important than something such as integrity to a person such as this. The new tribe seemed quite stable, though. We had a good spread, but not too much of one, and were poised to fight the world with what we had. At this point, k43 was almost entirely controlled by SWEET/SoSrry. For some reason, we afterwards had our little merge with NiKe (Just do it) which I can only guess was preparation for an impending conflict (I don't call it a war for a good reason) with HOODROW. After the merge, we dominated the entire north-west. After our first OP on HOODROW, they collapsed entirely and t bone was quick to recruit those who did not quit, fight to the death, or join Reborn (Ashes?). By now, the CHAOS/SWEET/sowhat/NiKe/HOODROW tribes (it is NOT, as some people like to say, a family in the normal sense, but the dead amalgam of these former powers) is actually ranked 1 in the world.

Internal issues at this point were becoming impossible to handle. The original leadership, T bone and garagna, had quit ostensibly because they were too busy IRL, but how strange is it that real life always gets so busy every time one gets attacked. Most of us no longer recognised one another, nor did we have much source of cohesion after a few people like garagna, t bone, rising one, red apple, overdose, etc, all quit and in some cases even declared war on us. One could make the point that we had died by the time OPd HOODROW, while some would say that it was not until SoSrry disbanded and SLOW formed that this group of players' "reign" had come to an end. I would probably say that somewhere between the NiKe merge and the HOODROW merge (isn't it sad that this tribe can be roughly timelined by merges we had?) that all of our internal energy had died out. Outwardly, even after the HOODROW semi-merge, we appeared to be at least decently strong, but anyone who knew anything knew how unstable it was. Everyone was unhappy, and no tribe around us wanted the slightest thing to do with us. People were trembling over the possibility of a war with norse (even though a lot of our players had a back and forth for a bit) and were quitting left and right. Half of the accounts in the tribe were inactive.

At this point, which was around when SLOW was formed (my internal timeline is kind of foggy honestly) it was truly the end. From what I have learned, Norse leadership was controlling the account of the duke of SLOW, and we were something of a puppet tribe, although I know nobody inside of SLOW seemed particularly aware of this fact (I only learned it a month or 2 after the fact). There is a lot omitted here, which is kind of strange since this is already really long, but after this point I think most people know what happened. SLOW dissolved and faded into Norse (for the most part) and a little bit 333/@Night (much less so, I think) and henceforth I have no memory of anything in w75. I remember it was a good run, but I think that the individual members of CHAOS/SoSrry/etc got a bad reputation for something that was definitely not their fault. People seem to cling to the idea that everyone was very excited to do these merges. No. Anyway, for all that I have left out, forgotten, or not witnessed, I think that this is a decently accurate "summary" of the events within and around K43 in world 75's history.

tl;dr K43 was 90% politics 10% actual fighting


From what I have learned, Norse leadership was controlling the account of the duke of SLOW, and we were something of a puppet tribe, although I know nobody inside of SLOW seemed particularly aware of this fact (I only learned it a month or 2 after the fact).

Rofl mint was right all along.


Well I can't say 100% if that's true or not, it is just something I heard.


In the end Norse crumbled, @Night nobled them. Justlookatme and Inthefog deleted after a little pressure was applied to them.

Then the warriors of @night got bored and declared on #FIRM to keep them busy while the worlds ends.

GG everyone.