W77 Co-player

Lady noob

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Hello guys

I want an experienced or someone that know's how to play the game to be my co-player but someone that plays at tw night time.
Message me on here for questions or anything



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Hi there!

Link for the right forum section for recruitment here -->(clicky).

Would be of use to put a bit more detailed info about yourself . Mention also the online times you wish to be covered as in servertime.

Good Luck! :)


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I have a friend called Almurph that would be interested in co playing you. It's a bonus if you have duke privs to any sort of tribe too.


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Tell him to message me on here. and i have privs to my tribe
I will contact him immediately. His brother Jerry McCabe is also a very strong player that can handle duke privs very well too. I think Lucaya from W61, Sir Phoenix from W65 can all support me in this.