W90 Champ New! Quarterfinal


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------ If the person caught cheating is a part of the competition he will be disqualified.

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How to vote:
player 1 vs player 2
You use bold text on the player you wish to have your vote.


The matchups for the Quarterfinal.

Ang3l - XAbbadonX

F.K.A - Lost Ones

DeAdMaX - MaJeSTee

King Banana - Mezonis


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I would not normally bother with these things and although me and Max appreciate the voting that has put us here, we don't consider ourselves to be the best on W90, we are just active and seem to run into players who seem to want to leave as soon as it gets interesting (Exceptions for me personally, being Nathan Potter and Trustmeimlying before the overall collapse of DIST). Anyway I will vote for:

XAbbadonX- Athough jon has been one of the best players in the tribe in terms of helping other players accounts; without XAbbadonX, I doubt Tea/Delete would have held so much of the west for so long. Now the account appears to have stopped fighting and the former infamy chaps are smashing their way through the west side. The ODD record speaks volumes about how the XabbadonX account has prevented earlier and substantial gains.

Lost ones - Both these accounts have fought long and hard for BIP, but lost ones is one of the most effective accounts on the world, doing for BIP what players like Multiple Wargasms and XbbadonX have done for Tea/Delete. Never afraid to take it to the enemy, attacks and defends equally well, also active in tribal op planning.

Majestee - I cannot vote for myself so I vote for Roger. He is awesome in attack and mainly due to David they have scooped most of the milestones along the way leaving us trailing in their wake. Like us he has not had to endure days and days of incoming so has never really been tested in defence, but I hear if you tickle his tummy he will give up his villages willingly.

Mezonis - This was a really tough one. Fredrik has led BIP from the front for many months with his co players and when fully on their game very few players could stop them. His decision making at critical points in the game has helped BIP overcome what was a strong TEA team. The decision to recruit 2Hard players and later the Infamy players added critical momentum and swung the game imo. His leadership was simply a different class to the other tribes and for that reason he should perhaps be crowned king of TW90. There is little doubt that had he not made those (probably unpopular) choices at the time, TEA would have been claiming victory on W90. However, Mezonis is a little like the deadmax account, a team that does not really appear on anyones radar until the end game. Everyone who does not know them probably wonders where they came from, but there they are. Mezonis currently 4th overall, but their stats are very impressive and probably as a balance of many playing parts the outstanding and understated player of the world.

Regards to all the players who came and fought, there are many heroes and champions not listed here, who do deserve a mention, I salute you for your efforts both for and against BIP.

Phil and Max


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Ang3l - XAbbadonX
I have no doubt that Omar is an outstanding player; he has demonstrated that. But Jon is the consummate team player, and if Tea had had as many unselfish players, the world might have gone differently.

F.K.A - Lost Ones
Both accounts are exemplary, neither has a negative I can think of. Giving the nod to Lost based on an account that does it all.

DeAdMaX - MaJeSTee
These accounts are both BEAST. But the Deadmax account has somewhat better war stats and we know that he is always willing to help anyone in the tribe, anyone.

King Banana - Mezonis
Both outstanding players, but KB has not only been killer account, but has put together the disparate pieces that were BiP in the beginning to create a team that works together. Those Norwegians, though!! I can't wait to get admitted to the inner circle.


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Ang3l - XAbbadonX

F.K.A - Lost Ones

DeAdMaX - MaJeSTee - Toughest fight, but Phil and Max have really showed what they are and worked really hard.

King Banana - Mezonis - I know both on KB very well, really good players aswell as they've been leaders this world.


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Ang3l - XAbbadonX - Jon is a great player and one of the best tribe mates i have ever seen, but Abba has just been great for TEA this world, and therefor my vote has to go to him.

F.K.A - Lost Ones - Insanely close match, both players skilled at both off and deff. My vote has to go to Lost due to more them beeing more efficient, and taking part in leadership decisions aswell.

DeAdMaX - MaJeSTee - I respect Roger a great deal, he is truly something else when it comes to attacking, and he can go toe to toe with almost anyone when it comes to defending aswell. But what the guys on DeadMax have done late game just speaks louder than words and my vote has got to go to them.

King Banana - Mezonis - There truly is no other, KB has been great this world, making the right decisions at crucial times over and over again has secured BIP's standing in the world. All this while combining it with tremendous play on the battlefield. PG is probably the best player i have ever seen, and on his day he is just unstoppable. Paired with Fredreich's leadership and outstanding read of the game makes this acount something to be feared and admired.


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From all accounts, Ang3l has been a phenomenal team player of BiP. I pick Omar because he has been front line.

Lost Ones

F.K.A. has been front line for most of the world but has dropped off for a while (correct me if I'm wrong) whilst LO has gone from strength to strength.

Impressive push to #1 by DeAdMaX but MaJeSTee had a significant role to play when TEA were actually fighting back

King Banana
I'm a bit of a Mezonis fan but again, his success has been found when TEA stopped fighting.