W97 Coplayer Desired

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Seeking a coplayer for W97

Desired Times: 8:00-16:00ST
(16-22 is also helpful, but 8-16 is more imperative)

-Account did a delayed rim start, if there isn't downtime for my sleeping or class it farms top 25 in-a-day numbers. Fully set up with bookmark farming. Lots of growth potential, very good tribe.
-I will cover all PP, though you are welcome to contribute
-Experience preferred but not mandatory - I am happy to teach things - the standard "must be super pro snipe/backtime/all skillzz" doesn't apply here, so long as you are motivated to learn, grow, and improve.

Add me on skype: destroyerofceilings or PM me on forums here if you would like to play

Thank you