W99 Dream Team


The forums are a little bit dead so from the goodness of my heart I’m gonna hell spice the forums up. The rules are simple: You simply choose who you would love to play with/currently playing with on this world, you can choose whatever number you’d like in your dream team.

1) Visaware: The first player I mailed, gotta say I love them on there. Prolly gonna be Top 5 acc or better if continues on at this rate.

2) Varomnia: May be my duke but played against them on other world.. made things challenging for me defensively.

3) RefinedGentleman: He’s a classy man, lol.

4) Summer Sadness: Seen their name before on previous worlds, quite impressed with how they’re doing here. Remember the name.

5) xACEx: Friendly guy, he was the person who summoned me here..

6) Spoonsaredeadly: Me and this guy have a bromance, not sure who’s got the pants in this relationship hahahaha

7) Cessna152: Old fwend from w89, solid frontline player from what I’ve heard, lol. Hit me up playa playa :p

8) Hells Toy Master: If it’s the original group then they’re gonna be very interesting.

Don’t know who else to add, either I don’t know ya or haven’t seen anything worth my time.



Hells toy master is the originals yes. Keith is here to play and will undoubtedly be a top ten or higher account.


Not sure why he gets crap on w94. I've always enjoyed his company.


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Why aren't we on your list?...

As for mine: everyone who I played with either left for a long time or plays on the Dutch server, looking forward to meet some new players though.

(But not knowing me doens't make me unqualified to be on your list :D)