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Okay I normally don't give two blanks about how players act.

But this guy -w33d- everyone should be cautions with. Not cause he a good player or anything. It's because of all the under handed stuff he does.

1. He will befriend you, when he in your tribe ( he did this with two of our members ) Plan ops with them got their troop base etc. Then turn around why he was still part the tribe started attacking them when they where offline (one them got alert nonfiction ) so they jump on.

2. The guy is a real smooth talker, boy do i meant it. He had convinced couple players to spy for him. made promise to take care of them. One the spys is now getting noble by the tribe he is in that they where promised could join. This spy came clean today with me (granted we knew he was one due fact we have our own spy) Told me he feels like a fool for believe in -w33d- promise.

3. when kick from discord, He came right back on pretend to be one of the other tribe tribe members. When real tribe member came onto the server. -w33d- went crazy talking all kinds trash. some more under handed things. (granted we fixed our Discord settings ) he cant get back on now.

I could list more stuff, But i won't cause they are not as bad the two i mention above. The things -w33d- say in mail to my members ( That I will do to them ) is the stuff he is actual doing to players that are trust him.

yes it's a war game, yes there some dirty stuff that goes on. But I feel he crossed that line. And everyone should be warned about a player such as he. Then again Maybe their some tribes out their That want a player like this. Then he would be a prefect fit for you then.

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Ah yeah this who took account sitting of a guy who was playing for the first time used his troops to clear farms for himself acted like he was guiding the noob how to play until one night he cleared that same tribemate and then acts like he's an elite player

You gotta be real special to take advantage a noob like that