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    Many may have not knew you in real life my buddy. For those of us who did we will surely miss you. Wartowns Gary Pippin passed away sometime after 3 pm eastern time as we spoke to him last about that time. Sunday morning he never awoke. to you Cheers mate and God's speed to you.


    The news is spread far and wide
    Another comrade has sadly died
    A sunset vigil upon the sand
    As a soldier leaves this foreign land
    We stand alone, and yet as one
    In the fading light of a setting sun
    We've all gathered to say goodbye
    To our fallen comrade who's set to fly
    The eulogy's read about his life
    Sometimes with words from pals or wife
    We all know when the CO's done
    What kind of soldier they'd become
    The padre then calls us all to pray
    The bugler has Last Post to play
    The cannon roars and belches flame
    We will recall, with pride, their name
    A minute's silence stood in place
    As tears roll down the hardest face
    Deafening silence fills the air
    With each of us in personal prayer
    Reveille sounds and the parade is done
    The hero remembered, forgotten by none
    They leave to start the journey back
    In a coffin draped in the RSB and FRST Jacket

    We will miss you my friend We raise up our glassess and will stand against the Evil forces. you will never be forgotten.

    Sir Waldo06