I'm looking for tips with the watchtower. This is my first experience with them. There are pros and cons to each building. I think they have made the game much more aggressive, no more fake spamming and more real nukes! I don't think they have ruined the game, they are so expensive and will only really be beneficial for defence late game, most of the time in early game by the time you know what the attacks are composed of it is probably too late to get support there. My plan is to pick an enemy player, then with my tribe we all target a few of his/her villages and hit them all with nukes and noble trains... So the watchtower encourages tribal coordination.
Anyway, how do you build your village to hide the villages with watchtowers? Should you build one in your first village? With scouts revealing buildings, won't just scouting all the villages of a player reveal their watch towers and make planning attacks much easier? Just catapult them down! Will it be better to have more nuke villages, perhaps a 50/50 offense/defense split so you have more nukes for doing real attacks instead of fakes? Also, you could have less defense because defending is a little easier now. Perhaps spears/HC only so you can move troops quickly to the targeted villages?


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Depends on the situation, if the enemy sucks you don't need a WT (Watchtower).

You could deathstar and build a WT in that deathstar, then sit back and watch as every incoming sent to your other village is tagged and you know what they are.