we have 989 plaayers!

Discussion in 'World 44' started by AoA Hellfire, Jun 7, 2011.

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  1. AoA Hellfire

    AoA Hellfire Guest

    will it be half priced now? lol

    starting from rank 950 also vills = 0
    and last ranking in the w44 is 989

    can someone tell this to the support for half priced?
  2. lambezz

    lambezz Guest

    Maybe read the memo Morthy sent out. Dont bitch about half priced. It will happen when it happens


    Read the bold in this memo

    I quote it for you

    "Please note that no setting change happens automatically. There is also no guarantee it will be happen with a day or even a week of the criteria being met. We periodically check all worlds to see what settings need to be changed and implement the changes after the check. Please do not send in support tickets requesting settings changes after the criteria has been met."
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  3. Yal-A-Dar

    Yal-A-Dar Guest

    we not sending ticket just posting lol, dont want to be forgotten like w45 :p
  4. AoA Hellfire

    AoA Hellfire Guest

    45 doesnt need any nbles anyway :D its basically free and the world wwill end soon there
  5. lambezz

    lambezz Guest

    Mods definatly do not appreciate threads like this, i know i have been warned before for even commenting in one of these threads
  6. Taimendred

    Taimendred Guest

    As long as we're celebrating the milestone, and not complaining and bashing the staff for not giving us half-price packets the second the member count went below 1000, I don't think they'd have a problem with it. So hooray for all the people who put a lot of effort into nobling all those pesky players with one village sitting at 126 points :icon_biggrin:
    But seriously where's my half-priced packets =( ... jk =P
  7. AoA Hellfire

    AoA Hellfire Guest

    yeah hooray!
  8. Tags

    Tags Non-stop Poster

    Apr 22, 2007
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    Then why are you commenting?

    You guys I'm okay with you guys talking about half priced but as long as that's all you are doing and not sendin PMs to me or any other mod then it's all good. :) and yes please make fun of lamb for being funny.
  9. lambezz

    lambezz Guest

    Cause i am trying to get my average posts per day up :icon_razz:
  10. Charmander

    Charmander Guest

    Noob the best way to do that is to spam GD sections by playing the games. ;p
  11. lambezz

    lambezz Guest

    They are lame
  12. AoA Hellfire

    AoA Hellfire Guest

    what is GD?
  13. lambezz

    lambezz Guest

    Genearl discussion
  14. Charmander

    Charmander Guest

    GD is cool. We all know that. I got 200 posts in one night once just messing around having fun with people. :)

    Failing that come visit me on W52 lamby (again)
  15. john.boy17

    john.boy17 Guest

    Charmander, is your name viktor by any chance?And did you at one point play w44?
  16. ElleKay

    ElleKay Guest

    You're half right ;)
  17. Charmander

    Charmander Guest

    What my Elle said. :D
    No my name is not Viktor you wouldn't be on about Viktor Lamperouge or whatever he's called would you?
  18. john.boy17

    john.boy17 Guest

    yes that is who I was referring to