Week 4 - Rundown (Where'd K45 Go & K44 Battle)

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Hey again! Late post, I know. Don't expect me to post on a regular schedule, I'll get it out when I can. I've only got K44 done atm, but I'll hopefully finish the other three tomorrow.

Over in K44, a top 5 player seems to have held the largest family tribe in the world. Now let's get the details:

The North West

DOTT took the top members from the Swoop Fam, declared war, and Swoop crumbled. The same might be happening with BBB. The top three members just left to DOTT. Does this mean more easy food for DOTT?

By the looks of DOTT's tribe changes, it seems they may be kicking smaller players just to let top players in and feed on the smaller tribes.

Now onto the interesting part. You maybe noticed - probably didn't - that DrDieHard jumped to the top of the ODD Rankings. By a lot.

It seems DrDieHard has fended off the entire family of Yin Yang for the past week. By the looks of things, here's what I can guess happened. Note that this is 100% speculation:


1. Feb 2: DrDieHard nobled a tribe mate's village while in Yang. Was it a gifted village or a backstab? It seems like a backstab as he left/was dismissed within hours of doing so. Within 9 hours he had nobled another Yang member.
2. Feb 7 - 5 days later: DrDieHard loses two villages to Yin Yang. Was it coordinated attacks or just random takings? Here's the interesting part.
Diehard ODD | Yang ODA/ODD | Yin ODA/ODD

350k ODD for two villages? Did Yin Yang send so many nukes at two villages to finally conquer them? One can only assume that there were multiple villages targeted and only two succeeded.
3. Now another thing to point out. Did DrDieHard's 8 villages - 2 brand new - really give him enough defense to gain 350k ODD? He did join LOB, but here's LOB's ODS statistics from TribalWarsMaps.com:

That's not enough ODS for 350k ODD on DieHard's side and 300k ODA on Yin/Yang's side, is it? At a wild guess I took a look at China's ODS.

One might almost assume that China stacked DrDieHard. But why? Is DieHard an ally? To piss Yin/Yang off? To noble DieHard next?


Excellent assessment and delivery. Requesting feedback from the principle parties.


Looking forward to the rest of the run down, keep up the good work.

It is awesome stuff you are doing.