Welcome Thread!!!

The Commander

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Welcome everyone!

Me and deja - will be looking forward to taking over the world - You all have the privellage to watch us in action ;)

The Commander

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hoping that another Corp wont be made.
pp whores suck the life out of the game and they claim themselves as big shots in the game, yea Like We Care

anyways good luck to yall folks.
have a good game and play for the fun of it

Nah W91 was unbelieveable for PP. Hopefully that'll be a one off. This world will be good.

King gondi

watchtowers and churches, guess wont attract many new players,
but i guess those good players who dint boost themselves with pp in w91 to get a good start
ok wait! an extreme start ahead
will join here for sure


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They'd never make another pp free.
And as long a there is p2w there will be rich kids with free money