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i did...i was just trying to get on noely's case...just for fun!

Shadryk 01

First order on the menu.

I need all of the tribe leaders in world 13 (ALL tribes) to send me a message with history on the tribe and your section of the world (this part is optional).

Many of the tribal leaders still playing in W13 are in INSO. Might want to do a cattle call on our own internal forum.

Nice start, mate. Buzz me if you want to know anything about K24 Elite. :)
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Shadryk 01

There was something you were working on a while back... would be PERFECT for this.

Did I post it anywhere? I've written up histories before for various things, but have since lost track of them. I can also help out with these areas: MM (K25), UL (K34) as the leadership is gone for both tribes. The leaders of other tribes in other Ks in our Quad are still active & playing in INSO or Riders.

Perhaps we can find BMA for SFA history. That was an active area with many changes & wars. I suspect most or all historical SFA players were killed off in warfare.


Next blog is done and will be live monday! (be sure to check the first post for the link)