Well I guess this is goodbye :( I love you REB


Well I guess I did what many people often do. I went inactive and logged on every few days and eventually, without realizing, stopped logging on. Now I'm grey. I know a few of you don't know who I am due to the fact that I've been inactive, for the most part, for the last few years. Sorry that this was so as I never got truely good at mastering this game. Anyways I wish the last 200+ players good luck. It's been a pleasure playing with you all. Allthough I wasn't very good, it feels great knowing that I was one of the last people to hold an original account. I'd like to thank all the Familys
I've been a part of, the original Saints especially. Thanks to my best in game friends, Marlowdude and Andrea Doria. I'll stick around though. Maybe someday there will be another world like this one, which is the best. Thank you all!


Good luck in RL. Let's hope a few ATEN members forget as well. Hehehe!!


awwww tjd, thanks for being part of REB, I''m really sorry you're not still with us.