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There is a finish date!

When I was playing this world I assumed that there would be no end date, especially during the tH, wanted, EviL days... This world was probably the best world for fast-paced wars and forum trash talk!

When I logged into the forum yesterday to see that there is an end date I had a strange feeling in my stomach, I am aware how sad that sounds but in the years this world has been the one I will always know as my "learning world". Although this wasn't my first world, it was definitely the world where I learnt the ins and outs of the game and the world where I could do pretty much anything I wanted to do, a freedom I have yet to find on any other world. Every now and then, with nothing to do I would noble some guy next to me and would taunt him with immature messages or take part in massive ops with my tribe, that was always fun. When I was bored I knew I could always come on the forum where there were many great personalities to challenge.

But despite that, this world was closest to me because I met my girlfriend through this world, I can't imagine my life without her.

So... What did this world mean to you? Was it the best world you've played? Worst? What did it bring you? Did it ruin your life? Or has nothing changed since the start?


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This was by far the best world I had ever played in, playing along side with tH, AXE, to a lesser extent {DMN} was a lot of fun and I do miss those times. :p


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How will that make it end quicker? We're just trying to do you all a favor...since we <3 you so :D

It's going to end oct 23 regardless. Stick around if you want, or delete if you have any sense. There's nothing for you here, unless you just want the privilege of being on the map when the world ends (which I admit does sound kinda cool).


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I miss this world. The best world I have played. NioN and ~SP~(don't care if you don't remember) was the best :p

P.S. siddhartha96 the best tribe merge organizer :p


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Well, a world like this one will be hard to be form again. I mean a full world, that had crazy activity all over the place. It was a very good world, and if we look on the forum, and the discussion that were there, we can see what titans w15 had.

I can honestly say this was my best world.

Hail w15. Hail the good all days of Exl. !


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AHhh yeah I remember you :D And those two former tribes of mine (blush) Didn't remember any belbs....es...


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Congrats AXE!!!!!

Well.... one of the best worlds that i ever play, and i learn a lot in here.... The AXE power it´s incredible!!!!!

nice and long battles...........

Remember old tribes like WAR, Exile.

Sir Merlin

Special Thanks to:

Andre Marcolino


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AHhh yeah I remember you :D And those two former tribes of mine (blush) Didn't remember any belbs....es...
New account :p You were sitting my account while it is being internalled :lol:

Thanks to this world I learned how be a pointwhore. :lol:

Congrats to AXE!