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Discussion in 'W19 General discussion:' started by Pop., Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. Pop.

    Pop. Guest

    Sooooooo I played mepetrabbit's account on world 19 for a good bit of it's lifetime...I am wondering since my departure what happened with CANDY?
  2. stewinthepot

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    they merged into xlr
  3. Pop.

    Pop. Guest

    Hmm possible ellaboration on the topic? or licking wounds from zee war?
  4. slytown

    slytown Guest

    candy was struggling activity wise.

    It was deemed best for all of their remaining high spirited and active players to merge into XLR ... gain a brief respite from their war with virtus which was hurting them slowly and then beef up and kill virtus under the xlr banner.

    nice to see you again pop. :)

    and as a side note ... candy existed up until only a week or so ago when abi finally decided to let the tribe rest.
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  5. Pop.

    Pop. Guest

    Its always nice to see you sly ;P I'm so happy to see the same names under XLR banner along with the few from CANDY. Its just so lovely.

    Tell everyone i said i miss em! and good luck with the warring(if you need help with activity I'm back)

    Abi if you read this...your awesome.
  6. Greenskin

    Greenskin Guest

    A bit more elaboration, I guess. You were with us for a long time.

    Ceasefire happened between Candy/XLR and Asylum. Signos(Arse) fell apart due to war with OFA family. Candy picked up a lot of the good players, worked to solidify its hold on the north, and then continue the war with the OFA family. A key ally in the war ended up unable to help. Candy was able to kill one of the tribes, but ultimately the combination of war with Virtus and inactivity did Candy in.

    And so the few actives remaining in Candy merged into XLR.
  7. Pop.

    Pop. Guest

    Thanks Greens :) Candy will forever live on. Memories and relationships formed like wild fire in that tribe.

    I hope all is going well with your real life along with TW.

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    Aug 26, 2007
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    XLR WILL DIE, TRUST ME...:icon_evil::icon_twisted::axemen:
  9. RiverStyx

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    Of boredom maybe :lol: