What Has Everyone been up to?


I still occasionally glance over these forums to see if i see any old faces but they are 100% dead.

Who from W21 is still playing TW?

Does anyone even look at these forums anymore?

Warhamer Dude

We'll be on W65, a premade tribe has been created, lets hope for the best.


Attempting to remake MuFFiN in w65 :) Difficult though, wish Royalist wasn't banned...
PM me in-game or in the forums if you're up for it ^^


man.. long long time since I have been here... so different. (i get first post for 2013 btw, happy new year!) I miss W21 and everybody from it!


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I lurk these forums every now and then but never post for fear that someone may actually remember me. HAHAHAH


Yo, can't believe I remembered my password - or even my user name. It's been 1 year and 4 months since it closed - crazy. I quit playing after W21 and haven't posted for a long time. After the world shut down, I was in the process of applying to colleges and am now at a small liberal arts school in Washington state. Message me if you want to chat. I long forgot my skype.

I realized that W21 has 11 viewers on it currently, whilst other closed worlds have ~2 or 3. Does that speak to how unusually dedicated some were to this world or simply that there is some sort of nostalgia-effect currently happening? I logged on. That should say something.


I'm finishing Medicine University soon :) I'll be a doctor in a few months :)


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Well done glad you dropped in.

The long hours playing TW will sure to help you stay awake during your long hours as a doctor :)