What If...?


Oh whoops, misread that.

Well....I think the world would have panned out the same way to be honest. Not sure that TSL/Skill? would have warred with 3DX and Anarky(1337 was still there right) right next to the respective tribe.


a Possibility is TSL & skill went to war early could have panned out hugely different. lets say TSL went to war with skill for food as it just established since at that size split tribes like that fail on the norm maybe the rim tribes at the time could unwarranted pressure on one of the sides. back in these days for a tribe all the borders were reachable by most. either way if one or the other fell say TSL won and gained them main K35 K45 K36 areas that were skill i would think TSL would be more centrally located. less emphasis on running and securing the rim. other tribes might have flourished with that space. after all if these two tribes were fighting we would not have beaten the others respectably

but thats just one possibility of many many many other ways the world could have gone.

Anyhow i only popped back to forum to see how it was going so i wish you all luck in RL and game. im gonna go back to my hole :)
nice to see ye again Dmoron


Nice to see you as well bud, stick around for a while. This worlds more interesting now than it has been for the past 9 months, Twist! have quite a plateful.

What if everyone that barbed had just joined TSL instead? :)


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What if everyone that barbed had just joined TSL instead? :)
I think the drama woulda stuck around :icon_cry: but hey, thanks for the offer!

What if (going early early world here)... -A- stayed at the top on the east side and wiped bunny out before the growth instead of falling by way of an mia council (so familiar in every world)

What if... TSL continued to fight against (all) the tribes they merged with instead of hugging to take the west side of the world. Our alliance could have been so much better for so much longer :icon_neutral::icon_sad:

less vermin on the map then I guess ;)
***looks at map*** still see vermin there
***glares at Marcus*** (if that's your real name lol)
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Well, if we continued to fight [R], Rebz, S.Q., 3DX, Unique, etc. without taking a single player in....haha we would be down to very few active players left. Had to reap the benefits of having active players :)


What if I joined TSL at the time I was in K21 as my original account (on w46)
Well I'd guess that the barbarians would be in full retreat. Your might coupled with that of people like sorin would have annihilated the barbarian armies


What if i didn't start in k56??
Even a noob with basic skills can mess so many plans up, lol

If i never joined bunny,removed them from my k instead which they had no stacks in place 2 inactives were fodder.
Snetwoods would of been rimmed instead of being there biggest player and maybe i would of been rimmed in revenge.
Glad i gave him a chance cause he turned out to be a monster and has strolled through alot of worlds since he quit here,

Thats the fun of playing what if ya, lol