what kind of dead world is this :-|

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In this world, did the tribes merge? :) WHAT a MERGE! and also DEAD WORLD and DEAD FORUM . NICE WORLD :D

AoA Hellfire

actually if not merge how the hell did they do this fast? :-o


Yeah someone explain to me how a single tribe dominated a world in a year or whatever if not for merges, particularly a .5 speed world?

I'm really curious as to how it came about, and I can't be bothered trolling through the entire history of this worlds forum.


The settings of no morale, cheap nobles, no church, and .5 speed are ideal for a world to end quickly.

.5 as a set back? Not at all. When you kill an enemies troops they cannot rebuild as quickly. It is more like playing for keeps.

No morale... same thing.

Anyhow, in the end there were two tribes, ONE and OMEN.

So the war went on for a while. The war was pretty close, but OMEN was ahead. A couple of the top players from ONE quit at pretty critical moments. I was the then current Duke of ONE and decided that I would pursue a merge all though I knew it would not be on equitable terms as we were behind and we would have to merge into OMEN if they were interested in our active players.

I didn't have the drive anymore to lead a tribe that had quit, especially since I never really had wanted to be the leader in the 1st place.

I decided to take the active members that were left and finish out the world, and here we are.

In the end though, I think it comes down to the ideal settings. I understood how effective these settings could be having played a large account on W33 that had similar settings, but with morale and church. I knew these settings would only be better for a world finish.

Best Regards - Pap

richard 2610


With a top 20 account in both w45 and w33.

W45 makes it so much more quicker for the fact of no morale. No rim tribes grew well . Hence just two main tribes dominating.

Obviously, no church helped. But church is not that bad...


Why all the complaints? The world is in your hands to make of it what you will. Do something drastic and put some spice back in the game.

(BTW Pap, i understand and sympathize with trying to lead a group that suffers key members quitting, and suffers others going lax, i have been there, its a bummer, so i personally understand and respect your reasoning)
From my take, what Papoomio and One did not realize was that Omen was also stressed, and suffering members who also quit. There was alot of 'sitting' and coplaying on both sides to pick up the slack. in fact, at the time of the merge ( which was, lets face it, pre ordained) i thought the stats showed One making more progress in their direct war,, but Omen had better stats in their overall growth, as their distant-from-the-front members were ennobling anything that breathed,, be they 300 or 500 point towns,, or more typically 1k to 2k. that growth in overall points worked to intimidate,, as was the formula during the whole year,, people seem to fear points more than anything, and jump in with whoever has them.
Now we know how to win TW, matt the scientist figured it out, simply create a giant, and all will follow like sheep. . ( no offense intended),,

which baffles a guy like me, as i believe that even though one guy might outnumber 100 guys with his nukes and towns,, if those 100 guys have some decent skill, they have the advantage because one guy is,, just one person (at a time,, no matter how many co-players),, thats really alot of towns to manage if hundreds of them are under attack. But as many of you know, it was really only the Axo that went for this , and attacked good 'ol Mitsche directly. lol, not that it matters now. too many jumped on the mitsche bandwagon , and everyone who is in it, fears they will die quick if they jump off it.

What this world needs now is a domino effect. You all know what i am referring to, dont you?,, REBELLION!! CIVIL WAR!! haaaaa! tally ho and charge!! put some fun and spice back into this world!!

Make it a challenge again and find renewed inspiration,, i guarantee !! hey, there is nothing wrong with this world, only if you compare it to others,,for; it is what it is.. and in this world, as in all others, including Real Life,, its not the 'world' ..but what you do with it.

(personally, i hate churches and love Paladin toys) ..( i dont like the coin system either),, so i like this world alright.. speed~shmeed,, it is what it is,, the problem is those who care more about 'winning' ( whatever that is,,, really) , than keeping it challenging.

i know for a fact there are several of you Omen folk that would love a split in Omen, just too intimidated to organize it with other like minded tribe mates, understandable.
but we all simply missed out on a grand war , and the climax to this world fizzled into a sour fart. By now, you all know your tribes strengths and shortcomings, you might have an inkling of who would be crazy enough to split from Omen,, and if the domino effect takes place,, wowee kazaam, we have a fun world again!

..if not,, you may lose out on boring 'ol bragging rights that you were on the winning side in w45,, for as it stands, that does not sound like anything to be proud of, based on all the opinions i read from the elites,, there is a dark cloud of disgrace over this ,, so called,, 'win' .

You want bragging rights? tell 'em you created havoc and tore the dominating empire down, tell them that when things got boring and robot like-going through the motions , you were part of the group that turned the tide. And if rebels actually WIN,, ho-nelly! thats something to write home about, eh?

Because , in the end, its what YOU make of it, and it reflects your inner character, which you must live with long after these things you do that consume your time in TW land. We are all playing against ourselves, in reality, seeing what stuff we are made of, our fortitude , our sense of honor, .. wishing for a world to die is simply not a healthy state of mind,,lol,, right?

AoA Hellfire

oh this is a world of cheap nobles.

What does it mean ????? How much is the nobles


14.000 15.000 12.500 per noble currently. It was a little more before they dropped the price for the endgame, but still cheap enough that people would use noble trains as fake attacks. I have somewhere around 350 nobles right now and could afford to train another 1000 nobles.


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I didnt end in the winning tribe. I rather got nobled out of the world... Am I supposed to be proud? LOL

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Because of the server speed, most of the people on W45 came to know each other. Enemies, and friends used in game shared forums and skype. We rarely used the public.

As for "How did Omen win so fast?" Because we gots the skillz and no other world can compete with us - muahahahaha