What you thought would happen


Its to quiet in here so i thought i would make a new thread.

Ok its nice and simple, think back to 1 year ago "when all the old and big tribes was still around" and say what you thought would happen back then.

- who you thought would be 1st now
- who you thought would of died
- what player would be 1st
- what player you thought would of died
- what 3 tribes you thought would be fighting now

Please keep the fighting out of this thread.


I thought you'd leave the forums.......Guess not

Guess ill play along

I thought and we were that DA would be #1
I figured Axe would Die (even worse there bigger than before) lol
I thought BAH would be #1 but obviously thats not happening :)
There are many players that have "died" but I was hoping medic would go lol
I honestly thought it would be !War!, DA, and Exile to the end

My thoughts :)
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I was away from w15 for quite some time. When I'm thinking back on how things were before I left and what really surprised me when I came back was that AXE had some major problems. Before I left we were without a doubt the best tribe in w15.
To see DA on top of the list was as well a huge surprise as before they were quite a joke. We were fighting them a long time back but never looked at them as a threat. DA was something we could take out in no time as soon as we decided to focus on them.

*I was sure AXE would be nr 1 without mergers, except the new members that always are recruited when you beat someone in a war.

*tH and DA would be gone, as well that family up north...don't remember the name. tH I believe already had an activityissue back then if I remember correct.

*I didn't really keep track on people outside of my own tribe but I would believe medic and jaffe to bee on the top 10.

*Don't got an opinion about who would have died. Most players who die, do so cos of less interest then others and less activity, or belonging to a less active tribe. This is factors that change by time back and forth.

*No idea. Exile v AXE maybe.