Where's our PP?

Discussion in 'World 24' started by Glynjack, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. Glynjack

    Glynjack Guest

    When are we getting a list of who has won what, and when will it be given to us?

    /me sharpens pitchfork
  2. Rukoh

    Rukoh Guest

    I got mine actually, as did charshaun. No notice, just a lump sum of 500PP...
  3. Glynjack

    Glynjack Guest

    Ah, so thats what that is...would have been nice to have been notified
  4. killabeast

    killabeast Guest

  5. RStudios

    RStudios Guest

    The pp came like a 5 days after the announcement (14th November)

    Nov 19,2011 14:29 Manually 500
  6. Knight Saber

    Knight Saber Guest

    It's like a raffle, where tickets are $100, and you go into the draw to win $10.
  7. XenoBlade147

    XenoBlade147 Non-stop Poster

    Jan 22, 2009
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    missed me?

    Been a while. im actually on 61 now :) miss ya glyn. u still playing?