Who would you pick W77


Stolen from W72 Fourms

In an attempt to breathe some new life into these forums, if you only had 15 spots for a tribe who would you give them to? Not meaning the world ended tomorrow, but people you would want with you day to day in a tribe. Pick from past and present players who have been on 77.

Before Royale members complain if you have any other suggestions to help keep the externals active post them or make a thread.
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In no order

1. Stewinthepot
2. Tw news team
3. welsh celts
4. Basher of pigs
5. Tydans
6. xxBricksterxx
7. EggBeneci
8. Isabella1 (One of the few capable Royale members)
9. Conway M8
10. DaddyMotorBoats
11. Bymer87
12. CasuallyGaming
13. DarkNukeHorde (Best Player)
14. Oldman72
15. Bacon Love Triangle (my old friend)
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Jess (Barbie Queen) - Such a Canadian babe <3
Don't go bacon my heart - 2 of the best teammates I've played with.
sage69 - Nice to talk to and seems to know what he is doing.
Darkness Jordan - He is gonna be the robin to my batman :p
Conway M8 - Loves to nuke people(including gump)
Bear Paws - Every tribes needs a Meg Griffin
DaddyMotorboatsGoats - Chris > god
sweetmisery - Loves war caps only bad thing is she is Canadian :p
Pc Porky - Rob is the man
Sicory - On my team as long as you dont cat me :D
Stewinthepot - On my team as long as you dont cat me :D
Kamadhenu - Always good to have Crucial by your side :)
Bacon It Better - Matt & Mary :*
Seductive Klobasa - Beast
Pancetta Beretta - Awesome <3
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Sicory - Skilled Player
Stewinthepot -Skilled Player
Dont go bacon my heart -Skilled and Adorable AF
Sweetmisery - Skilled AF
Defense Commander - Skilled and knows his stuff
Darkness Jordan - Skilled
Welsh Celts - Amazing Defender
DaddyMotorboatsGoats - Awesome leader
Bashers of Pigs - Great player
JonNavaja - Team player
Pancetta Beretta - Simply Awesome
GoldbergVariation -Dude is hella funny
Darkness Shao- Taiwanese trolls always needed in a tribe (nod)
Meepworrior - Excellent Defender


dj weird funny accent
chris >god
sam in sam we trust
shaun carried me in csgo
d commander sent me support
luke & deb loved startup where they were my neighbours
syed lol lol lol lol
gump lol lol lol
conway lol lol lol
master demander he defended good, destroyed most of our op when we rimmed him first time
roman01 lol lol lol
some rim noobs so i would get 15


In no order

1. Stewinthepot
2. Tw news team
3. welsh celts
4. Basher of pigs
5. Tydans
6. xxBricksterxx
7. EggBeneci
8. Isabella1 (One of the few capable Royale members)
9. Conway M8
10. DaddyMotorBoats
11. Bymer87
12. CasuallyGaming
13. DarkNukeHorde (Best Player)
14. Oldman72
15. Bacon Love Triangle (my old friend)

No debbie?


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1. Chris
2. Nadir
3. Shaun
4. Debbie
5. Jess
6. JSluggy
7. Luke
8. Jamie
9. Baz
10. Sam
11. Andrew
12. Alvis
13. Darkeness Jordan
14. Defense Commander
15. Crucial

They're all sound.


1.) erndos
2.) Lady Mistress
3.) FergyLad (don't actually know this person, but i think we would get along)
4.) Meep (i like people who talk, and i like his hitler tony)
5.) Felincini!
6.) CylentStryker. So i could betray him when he least expects it
7.) Saul Goodman (2nd best television show ever)
8.) murph all caps. just cuz i wanna get to know him better
9 - 15.) Girls, any girls. I'm not terribly picky when it comes to girls.
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1. Sam (a living god)
2. Chris (would take a bullet for this guy)
3. DC (shield of NAM)
4. Meepwarrior (making royal look like nubs)
5. Sweetmisery (theres no point competing against these guys in wars!)
6. Kamadhenu (saved me when i was 3k points)
7. Basher of pigs (Had to hack him to beat him)
8. Steve34cks (Nicest guy around)
9. Lil roc (he's now all mature in his old age)
10. Don't go bacon my heart ( <3 for TJ)
11. george the times ( my only estonian friend)
12. Stewinthepot (don't know him, but he looks offensive)
13. Seductive Klobsa (wherever core is, bring him back)
14. Chase Xavier (love of my life <3)
15. Bingbongbros (in my tribe on HP, decent player)

TG Smurf

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1. Me (because whats the point of making a tribe of people you want play with if you're not in that tribe)
2. Sam
3. Almurph
4. Nadir
5. Conway
6. Sweetmisery
7. Stewinthepot
8. Ramoth
9. Ed
10. Arabela (start up is boring so i could do with an extra account to sit and play)
11. ShaunDK
12. DJ
13. Mikabuk
14. Jess
15. George with no e
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1. Me
2. Kourosh
3. Donkyho
4. Arabela
5. Byteking
6. Royalist
7. Forever Farming
8. Twenty Five
9. Almurph
10. Jess
11. Mikabuk
12. DJ
13. roman01
14. Muldie325 (what's a tribe without an inner circle)
15. Silver (what's a tribe without someone to complain about the inner circle)

Bonus two:

Kingsam and David.

Hmm, maybe another three:

Deb, Sumner, Vyt.

The tribe'd be terrible but the drama would echo throughout the worlds.


I'd be in a tribe by myself, it would obviously lower the standard of my tribe if there were people other than me in there.

Maybe a crocodile and a square number would be useful to have amongst my ranks too.


1) Baconstyx - As loyal as it gets. A great player and a great personality. Always focusing on helping the tribe, and never care about personal gain.
2) TW News Team - My MVP`s of W77. Great defending and they would be a huge asset to any tribe.
3) Panchetta Beretta - Best tribeleader ever. I know thats also a matter of taste, but for me Deb was the perfect leader
4)Dont Go Bacon My Heart - Great Playing with you in Bacon. Some good Banter and lots of fun times. Also great players
5)Conway - Seems to like the offensive way of playing. WHO doesnt like that. Not everyone got that chance on 77 though :D
6) Stewinthepot - The one and only. Never afraid to challenge any tribe or any player despite the odds. Awesome guy
7) Sweetmissery - No knowledge really. But seems to be one most want to be on their team, me included
8) Dagan649 (felicini). Simply cause she is awesome!
9)Meepwarrior - Awesome defender, awesome guy
10)PC Porky - Good old Rob!
11)Muffyboom - Always wanted to play on that account myself for some reason. Not sure why :D
12)Pig Knuckle - When Sumner is there!
13)Eggbeneci - Always does whats necessary. straight up, doing a great job in Civil and a great player
14)Magnumfenris- Another one of my civil favorites <3
15)Pork u Pine-Early game when TD was there too it was a great account. Great Guys and great players


In no order of preference:

Pork u pine (noah): Probably the player i enjoy playing with the most due to almost same style of play
Baconstyx: styxy <3
Don't go bacon my heart: First world i play with those guys, gotta say, 1 of a kind, great lads, really fun to play with
Stewinthepot: Would like to play with this guy in the same tribe 1 day, incredibly resilient, mannered and damn his catting are annoying
Panchetta Beretta: Coz its debbie and we all love her, best leader ever "no biased opinion"
Arabela: the one and only bewa
Anubis: This guy did not deserve what happened to him, his tribe failed him miserably, good and mannered guy, faithful till the end.
Welsh celts: Played with him in w71, despite Venus being crap, this guy put a hell of a fight. Good lad and great defender
Basher of pigs: was his doctor in bacon
Krovikan Mist: Fear <3
Pc Porky: Rob, great person
Seductive Klobasa: Beast
Mortadella: Always a pleasure
Runningbullet: Good lad, great skills
Pig knuckle: For the lulz, dedication for his tribe mates is awesome

Many other great ppl, but from w77, those are the first 15 that came to my mind,


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Hmm, not sure I could only pick 15. But let's give it a shot.

1) Don't go bacon my heart- Myself and Rizz. I couldn't have made it far in the world without him. <3 Plus, we're awesome, duh. And adorable, apparently.
2) Seductive Klobasa- Kurj and Core. <3 Probably the best pair of players to grace one account this entire world. They really were an impenetrable force.
3) Hoggzilla- Flux and Mahler. It's a shame they couldn't be as active this world as they have been in the past. Both are great players. <3
4) BaconStyx- Styx. <3 Probably the most team oriented player I've ever played with. Not to mention relentless towards the enemy.
5) Pancetta Beretta- Deb is an awesome duke. ^^ Plus a great team player.
6) lil Roc- Great team player and very enjoyable in skype chats. :D
7) Conway m8- Helps the team effort whenever he can. And is very offensive minded. (mmm)
8) Sweetmisery- Would probably say this account holds two of the best players to play on the whole world. War caps speak for themselves.
9) Defense Commander- The shield of NAM <3
10) Daddymotorboatsgoats- Chris and Sam are great players. And Sam is a great duke.
11) Stewinthepot- Who doesn't love those cats doe? Plus he's like. The coolest guy around. (cool)
12) Sicory- ALL OF THOSE CATS DOE. ERR MER GERD. Very chill guy. Great player.
13) TW news team- Great players. Awesome guys too.
14) Bear Paws- Not Gump. But Gump#2 is awesome. ^^ They totally suck as players though. :D
15) Pig Knuckle- If they were more motivated to play, they would have had one of the best accounts on w77, me thinks. o-o


Hard to find 15 good players :x
Sweetmisery, Koss, Muffy, Josiah, styx, Kurji, DGBMH, Stew, Charshaun, ngazpha Yea i think that's it.
( this is from when i played not now have no clue what has happened since the mnt shit )


In no particular order:

1.Tydans (great guy, even better sniper)
2.Stew (cool guy, great player)
3.TW Newsteam (impressive players)
4.Oldman (incredibly resilient)
5.EggBen (great person, Civil wouldn't be around without her)
6.Welsh (great player, solid leader)
7.Conway (great guy, good player as well)
8.Isabella (one of the few in RoyalE that can attack well)
9. Dufud (another great guy)
10. Bashers of pigs (great player, solid defender)
11. Josiah-whatever account he is playing now
12. Dementah (one of the few good players that were in southern dharma)
13. Brickster (great guy, always reliable)
14. Anubis (bad luck with his situation, seemed to be a very good player)
15. My awesome coplayer.. that guy with the dirty Hitler stache