Who's The Best Competition?

Discussion in 'World 58' started by BGeorge3, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. jorge1332

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    Jul 13, 2013
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    At this stage of the world, it would be hard for someone from Honor to be a vicious attacker. With the number of villages Fork has, it is very easy especially for the more active/skilled players to have many of there villages near the frontline stacked with defense. The only real way to be vicious would be to build a lot of cats and cat all your backline villages.

    Well you have certainly broke the Amigos account now that is for sure.
  2. Gula Behnid

    Gula Behnid Guest

    You already know my opinion, but the most fun I have had on this world was defending against your attacks Jorge.

    Many of the players of honor would try to test me out, fail and stop. You tried, failed, and then tried again. To the point that I had to force myself to be a better defender or I would not be able to do anything against you defensively.

    Yes I was getting gang banged, but that made it more fun, and it was the most coordinated I had ever seen honor personally.

    So if you want a fork player to name a good offensive player that was in honor I will.

    I feel you deserve it.

  3. BGeorge3

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    Jun 11, 2012
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    Agreed, many of us have played and fought on various worlds and usually on every world, both sides have good/skilled players, but honor has never had that. The level of skill and activity in honor/hehe/haha/chapul/ksb/d.k.a/royal/R2/H20/H3 is a joke. It makes a person want to cry to have to deal with such noobness. This lack of skill/activity has slowly made w58 a very boring world and leads people to simply want to start endgame and get this world over with instead of playing to the very last villages. I personally would love to see the world out to the very last village and rim every last honor noob for dragging out this world.

    In a way, I do find it funny that the majority of honor that is left, is the old ~GOT~/~HOT~/~DOT~/Insan3 players. It's funny since they jumped ship and joined honor instead of deciding to keep fighting them. I wonder what would have happened if Grumpy Old Turtle (the player) had stuck around and kept fighting honor.

    As for good fighters and defenders in honor. I'd agree that Jorge, when he was on the Amigos account, was probably the best fighter in the history of honor because he actually possesses skill and activity. He fought back and kept growing regardless of how many attacks we threw his way. As for the best defender, I will disagree with Khite on this. War-Peace is not the best defender because it has been played by various people and it was only very good at defending when it was played by Raia/Anthony, but then Raia moved to mamzy and then that account was the best defender in the world. If anybody on w58 should be awarded the best defender in the world award, it should be the mamzy account because that account has survived through thousands and thousands of nukes and nobles and they never gave up, but instead, they rebuilt.