Why cant I create anymore nobles??


Academy Level 3

In the academy you can educate noblemen. They will help you conquer other villages.

Price for next nobleman: 4 x 56.000 60.000 50.000
Stored resources: 4 x 56.000 60.000 50.000

Unit still required Time(hh:mm:ss) Here Total Educate
no resources 100 2:47:56 0/0 No more noblemen can be produced

Store resources
You can store resources in the academy which you can use exclusively for the purpose of creating noblemen. This can be helpful if creating a nobleman costs more than your storage unit can hold.

Number of noblemen that can be educated
Number of academies: 3
- Existing noblemen 0
- Noblemen in education: 0
- Number of conquered villages: 3
You can still educate: 0

Why cant I create any more??


you need more academies, build academies and upgrade them to lvl 3


Where are you located?

I will spare you the pain of building new academies :icon_twisted:

Jk. You need more academies.

Either upgrade in new villages you already have or noble a new village and build more academies.


ok so basically you only get 3 nobles per village not like coin worlds yeah???


The number of academys you have minus the number of conquered villages = the amount of nobles you can have built/build.
Otherwise that is a yes. :D