Why Did {HI} Die?


Truly good leaders will lead a man to water. Then they will ask that he drinks the water. If he doesn't drink, they order him to drink the water, or else. And if he still doesn't listen, they kick him out of the tribe.

The only person you can blame for a tribe falling is the leadership. Selfish players are a problem? The leadership recruited them, leadership's fault. Maybe you recruited a good player (or a bad one, everyone makes mistakes), and then later realize he isn't what he was cracked up to be. Leadership's fault for not kicking him.

I can bring you many examples where players under bad leadership, were bad players. Those exact same players were then put under good leadership, and you know what happened? Some couldn't do it, they just weren't up to snuff. But some did make it. And if you weren't there to see it happen, you would never believe that the account under each leadership playing so differently was still played by the same person.

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