Why my cancel snipe did not work?


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So I got 4 attacks (noble train) and I tried to cancel snipe.


I sent my units at 16:59:41:700 (not exactly then, but I'm sure, it was between the first and second noble) to a Barbarian village.
So I had 2 minutes to cancel. I watched the server clock, and I cancelled the attack at 17:01:41. So normally it should've returned at 17:03:40:700, but for some reason it returned 2 seconds before the first attack (about 17:03:38). I have no idea, what was wrong.
(I also tried to cancel snipe a few days ago on another server - then it worked easily.)

Was that only because the lag or what?
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Well, those memes didn't help. I know, I'm such a noob, but I want to learn... And I don't know, what did I wrong.


@staff can you please take a look at this, its happened to me twice on world 109


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find a village 00 seconds away and you wont have this issue... idk if we´re talking about the same thing but when i attacked a random village like 1h30min17sec travel time even if i was 100% sure i sent at 2min and cancel at 1 it always a second early/late like a weird lag...

but you sent your units at 16:59:41:700 cancelled at 17:02:41 means your troops travelled 3 min so they should return at 17:05:41 anyway?

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Always try to pick a village that has an integer number of fields distance as opposed to a decimal for travel time, ie, the villages in a straight line up / down / left / right from the village you are c/s-ing from.

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this is how it should work:
the time of train ends with an even digit(40 ) so you have to send your attack to land on an even digit either(but your attacks land at 41 which is an odd number) so it's obvious you won't make it;so if the train land in an even digit your attack should land in an even second too;if train lands in an odd second your attack should land in an odd second;because you need an even number of seconds on your hand for canceling(2X the time) if the difference between time of sending and time of canceling is odd there is noway you make it;
in this case your attack could be land at any even number since your train lands in even number;basically you have chance every 2 seconds but for easier calculation you can try 2 times per minute(one with integer amount of minutes and one with integer amount of minutes plus 30 seconds)in your case one to land at 41 and one to land at 11


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It just sounds like your maths was wrong.

You can cancel snipe if the train is 8 seconds out to 19 mins out.

If the train is 8 seconds out, then send when the train is 4 seconds out and cancel the command when the train is 2 seconds out.