Will you be able to choose location?


If not, this world fails. :icon_razz:

But srsly, guys, come on, srsly srs. Srsly, can you srsly choose starting location on this world? I'm srsly srs. SRSLY!

I hate worlds where I try to join the SW with a group of friends only to find you can't choose. :icon_rolleyes:


i don't think you can choose. there have been other threads on this already.

Sir Cuitous

Mimelim said:
So that people don't misquote me, I'll just say it here ;)

I have not heard an official stance on picking a direction in W17. But I think that it is highly unlikely given the discussion that we had prior to the launch of W15. The main idea is that pre-made tribes tend to stagnate the worlds very early and it doesn't make it as much fun for lots of people. This forces people to meet some new people :p.

see its no a for sure no :p


People thought it was highly unlikely for a low speed world, but they got one of those, didn't they? I think it all depends on how many people want it.


It is stated that w17 is a world to attract new players, so it's likely to be random