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Jeffrey Woods

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Just wanted to inform that I do make Gifs for profilepic & tribepic.
If anyone interested then mail me at W100
Some people credited me for maker Gifs for them but some didn't and I wish great for those who spread out the word as I actually use my time to make them for you.

Here are some samples:

| Blutit.gif | DX.gif | Misery.gif |

Willow the Wisp (Misery)
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Can we see it? Im also making my own coat of arms but not as good as willow the wisp. :)


There are several people on .nl servers who do a lot of this stuff and charge for it. You could easily price like 200 premium for doing coa's or external signatures. Just a thought so people don't abuse you for your services ;)

Haram B

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hey willow, i would appreciate if you could make me one of those gify coa with titan stuff.. and i am bit a fan of open and relaxing colors :)