With friends like Tea


So you and Jake are the entirety of TEA? :eek:
While Trex is fully proficient within the bounds of ingame skill, I've noticed that his external forum moxie is rather subpar. However, with that being said, it would be of the utmost negligence for me to ignore the multitude of skilled external forum accounts that TEA as a single entity has at it's disposal. Trex will undoubtedly be supported by more skilled external forum comrades. TEA plays a well rounded game and their loyalty to one another is admirable.


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We are? must mean you're talking about Ara and others in your own tribe? Pretty crappy bashing on your own members.

As usual, talking about things you don't know. keep it up :)

I remember talking to you and James on VC and you were saying how you would turn w80 around and that it would be your last world. You got smashed on w80. You are very passionate about Regime, you have the sig, you came back and played on the account and got rekt. You said w80 and 83 would be your last world then join 90, 91 and will join 100. You ally with BiP and then backstab them. You quit 90 before the war even though you were frontline. I'm bashing you. You are garbage.


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Quote from over a year ago? And a few months on a world you don't play?

Keep having nightmares about me Al. You'll get over me soon.



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I said I was going to destroy a tribe?

Why do you want me to focus on w80? want me away from w90?