Wobble vs Rawrz

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I see Wobble is still rank 1. So I believe it's time a strong and proud tribe stood up to their strange and hairy wraith.

Rawrz declares war on Wibble!

War name: Santa Clause is coming to town.


So I was pushing random buttons again, and I realized that I can declare war on tribes! This is such a cool feature that I have chosen to use it to fairly declare war on you Wobble. I have always been taught that you should poke the biggest bully oon the block with a stick.. Or maybe it was a bear or something... I don't remember.. All I know is we have harnessed the true power in our unicorn riders, and our alien starships and we are coming for you. So please do not be sad if we attack you.


SIDE NOTE: If you attack me, I might cry.

It's cool guys, I got this.

Rawrz- 327.473 Points
Blah blah blah- 207.627.435 Points


Every leader ran away in fear, they gave me duke so I could surrender.


I do not believe you hold even a fraction of the power to do that sir.

I was the idea behind wobble, i give you our surrender!!!!

I may have only been around for a few week but we give in lol xxx


Seems when wobble soon will fall down lol. :D I suggest You guys to delete better Your accounts, before they are making any Op lol


Or-El Is taking his ball and going home !!!!!!!