Wombles Go Fishing


It's easy to depict which are which. The difference is only the barbs. The conquers of side two are the internals which is the rough number. 6.6k I'd estimate with about a 100 leway and that's high so 6.5k. Side 1 conquers are the barbs and the rough number added together.

Very easy to tell what is what and factor in the rough number from the internals. At least if you have half a brain.


and what about the internals

womble 4317 16.74%

and pirana vs pirana and die

6420 20.55% vs pirana
3097 9.91% vs Die

My god pirana have a lot of 5 noble trains :icon_biggrin:

edited : he deleted :(


only thing i deleted was a comment on the time both tribes were established.. i had thought Piranha had been around longer.. but i couldnt find this information , there for it wouldnt have been accurate of me to say this.....