World 101

TG Smurf

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I don't get what the issue is, w100 is a 1 off god send. To give a thanks to the community for sticking with TW. w101 wont have any effect on the success of w100 with the exception of having a few newer players decide not to play it who they know they cant win anyway and want a less competitive world.

dinosaur killers

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Their events are just mimics of past events, their increasing worlds rather rapidly and their methods are killing the game. Just look at the avg size of worlds decreasing every world. Eventually, providing they don't close the game, it'll be world 200 with 250 players.

IMO it's dying.
If there will be 250 players by that world mate


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I, for one, am just happy they decided to give us w100 with decent settings and no pp. They didn't have to do it all.

Plus to all those saying they killed the game, I disagree. I saw the player base declining years ago before all this PTW stuff was added. Perhaps it put off some more casual players, but there are ways around it (pp farming) if you have the time and care enough about the game - ultimately that's what TW has always been about.

I would prefer PTW settings not to be here, but if it keeps the game alive longer I am more than happy to put up with them. Like someone said it's a business at the end of the day and I would rather be able to play it with PTW than not at all.


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I agree that P2W has ruined the game for us experienced more competitive players to an extent.. However they did add the option of being able to PP farm if you don't want to pay, which they didn't have to do? If P2W helps to keep the game alive then I'm all for it. In my opinion we should all be thanking Inno and the moderating team for giving us W100 with no P2W features even if they decided to launch W101 a week after it opening.. Encouraging the newer more inactive players to join W101 will not make W100 any less competitive..