World 110 - A Summary, So far


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no, igor old friend from my times


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What a dead world

no worries, i'm a necromancer :)

nobody really believes in magic though :(

silly really, ofc magic exists o_O

think about it though, its really just unlocked science? :confused:

teleportation for example, we on the verge of unlocking, we are already able to teleport particles :rolleyes:

so, while for ages it was considered magic, it was ALWAYS science, the principles were just not yet worked out, or at least not explained for others to duplicate ;)

for thousands of years, we bokor turned humans into zombies, before science finally caught up & realized the effects of tetrodotoxin, bufotoxin & Datura :cool: :oops:

so, yes, ofc magic exists, its just unlocked science, and if Jirkii doesn't ban me, i will animate w110 :D


welcome to .net fellas.

as an iraqi i couldn't help but notice. why you picked “turk” name (worry)

Hey mate nice to meet you, Well, my real name is Turki i didnt even mean turkey country at all, this is common name in Saudi Arabia and Emirates and middle east , i Just leave it like that i Wont talk about polotics.
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