World 12 - A Modern History


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This is long, so I hope you all enjoy stories. I've tried to keep it impartial and free from spam or poor attempts at puns or jokes. Depending on how it is received, I'll finish it later. This is not the completed article as there will always be wars being fought. If anyone wishes to comment or disagree with anything I write, feel free to do so as I want to get an accurate account of events. I would actually appreciate constructive criticism of this. Any spelling mistakes or incorrect points send me a PM. I say again; this is not a completed piece.

I've added (Note: ) in places to clarify points. No graphs for the simple reason they make it too long. However figures are accurate (done on TwStats). When dates are given it is from 00:00:00 first day, to 00:00:00 next day mentioned. Also all Maps are from the first day of the 10 day period they cover. For example the Map below the 1st of August to the 10th of August will be the Map from the 1st. Keys I can’t be bothered to make at this point in time.

Any questions mail me.

I'm not doing this in any order. There are still bits in the middle I need to finish etc. I apologise for any grammatical, spelling errors. There are bound to be many in a post this long, so please point them out so I can edit them. Further I’m trying to make every player name a link to TwStats, so if you spot one please again point it out (Work in progress. Time consuming and boring so I’m doing it as I go. Don’t hurry me :)). With any mistakes you notice, I’d appreciate it if you give me a date reference using the order of the post, as it will save me having to go through it searching for my error.

Also you can show your appreciation by NOT SPAMMING. I’m very happy for everyone to rip whatever I type to shreds and to argue among themselves as much as you like, but keep it on topic. One with Cat in his Pants is watching with his all seeing eye….

Anyone who wishes to help, be it with Current maps, proof reading or article writing send me a PM.
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People who have given me the information to write this:
AgentOfMayhem – Emergence of RIMJOB
Zytech – Disband of Redemption
Nickers – His war on Oots.
Sudden Death – Information on K45
Ray Joakim[ – Maps, animations, titles and signatures. Godly.
Faaaaark – Information on Ks 54, 55, 56
Suko Sevato – Information on K45 and others
The Cracker – Information regarding FusioN

I use the term “World War” loosely as the whole world was not at war as such, but the largest tribes were all involved and this was the closest World 12 has come to total anarchy in its history.

Original sides:
Elite Dynasty vs Oots. (know know as “Pits”)
Thread of the war can be found here

All tribes Involved:
Name: Elite Dynasty Tag: DNY
Name: DNY Noble Claims Tag: DNY2
Name: Out of the Shadows Tag: Oots. (Later renamed to “Permantly in the Shadows”, “Pits”, and now back as “Oots”)
Name: Out of the Shadows.1 Tag: Oots.1
Name: VIRUS evolved Tag: VIRUSe
Name: Suko Sevatos Slaves Tag: SUKO
SUKO Academy SUKO-2
Fused Fused
Name: RimJob Tag: RIMJOB

A total of 12 tribes belonging to 6 different families were involved in the actual fighting of this war

Final Sides
Elite Dynasty + SUKO vs Oots. + VIRUSe (Oots. had surrendered by the end)

Cause of War:
Although this war never had a public declaration, nobling between the two sides began around 17th of June soon after the disband of the tribe Redemption, tag: -R-. The disband of Redemption had been brought about by a declaration of war from the rank one tribe, Elite Dynasty. With the already faltering leadership going inactive, the tribe quickly fell apart. Zytech had effectively told members to leave for Elite Dynasty, Oots. and VIRUSe, due to the fact they had little or no chance in the war with Elite Dynasty. They were already engaged in a war on their North Western border with the FEMA family. Despite being the underdogs, FEMA had held them back and the war was at a stalemate regardless of Redemption’s huge size advantage. With large numbers of inactives, Redemption was already but a shadow of its former self.

Example: 1st of June to 10th of June Elite Dynasty – 146 , Redemption - 3

Now at this time Oots. was also supposed to have declared war on Redemption, but failed to do so due to trouble on their North-West border caused by the legendary Nickers.

Nickers’ One Man War

As he was quitting World 12, the enigmatic Nickers choose to go out with a bang. Having fought for his villages and being loath to simply gift them away, he choose to be rimmed and go down fighting. However in Elite Dynasty, Nickers would never have been taken down. The only option open was to go solo and fight another tribe by himself.

“Why Oots.?” I asked him, and his response goes along the lines of “because I want to”. Ever since early January; Nickers had been begging Nuke|W to go to war with Oots., yet had had his wish denied. Less than a week after he left, Nuke|H went to war with Oots. Typical timing as ever, he was busy fighting in a “Noobie” tribe to liven up his time on the game. Once he returned to Elite Dynasty, Nickers continued to nag the Elite Dynasty leadership to go to war with Oots. However during this period Nickers had other wars to fight so was distracted. Sceptical of Oots. reputation as a force to be reckoned with Nickers felt that they had only fought against and nobled inactive Nuke|H members and felt that they deserved to be tested. One of the deciding factors were some sniping incidents between Oots. and Nickers which added to his dislike of the tribe and firmed his belief that these players needed to be taught a lesson the hard way.

However the primary reason for “Why Oots.?” was location. Other than Elite Dynasty, Nickers shared no borders with other tribes with the capability of rimming him. Not wanting to war his friends in Elite Dynasty, Nickers left and let all hell loose down on the Oots. in the North West.

Initially Nickers was very successful, nobling several villages off Oots. and successful holding them. His solo tribe, Huggle, was winning 8 – 0 against Oots. over the first few days. However it was now that Oots. members began to take notice and sent attacks raining down on him. Nickers had an average of 800 incomings for the first two weeks with it dying off after this, but it peaked some time during the second week at around 1500. Despite the large number of attacks incoming, Nickers held off extremely well and only lost a few villages, nobling back some within seconds of losing them.

From conversation with Nickers said:
The quality of attacks shocked me. There were players who didn't believe in rams, noble trains over 1 minute and the worst of them attacked with spears and swords.

Thanks to the poor quality of the attacks, Nickers continued to lose little and soon had an ODD of over 6 million putting him in rank 1 in ODD, and rank 2 total OD behind Zytech. Having showed he could snipe a train of 1 second almost every time, he was extremely unimpressed with the continuation of these poor timings.

Oots. co-ordination started off badly as well, but later did improve. When he left Elite Dynasty several Oots. players must have just seen red dots and sent attacks at him without thinking. On some villages he had noble trains hitting him from three different Oots. players. This lack of co-ordination between the members of Oots. helped Nickers continue his war. However later as Oots. began to notice the threat he posed to their reputation which was falling in step with their attacks, they began to work together and co-ordination between the players vastly improved.

When asked about the skills of the individual players attacking him, Nickers said that the best attackers were easily Athalie28 and DoobieDave. What’s very impressive about DoobieDave was the fact it was actually a sat account by Brutus IV at the time. Account sat players rarely play as well as the owners themselves. The worst of the attackers varied from day to day, but consistently two players showed a lack of any skill; king44c and OMNISystem. This pair had terrible timings with hours between clearings and trains, and regular attacks containing spears and swords. The noble trains were practically bad. Most were over a minute long and had spear and sword escorts making them extremely easy to snipe. Between their rubbish attempts he racked up around 300k ODD from the spears and swords alone.

It has to be noted that Nickers received no support from Elite Dynasty and actually had a claims list drawn up against him. His impassioned plea to the leadership of Elite Dynasty however had his wish granted to go out with a bang warring Oots.

However Nickers soon ran out of steam as it was only a matter of time, and was nobled by Oots. as he became less and less active in his fight. His attacks on them managed to halt an entire tribe from going to war, no small achievement. Oots. got a lot of stick for this in the coming weeks, both during and after Nickers was holding them back from the war with Redemption.

The Tension Builds
Oots. response to the disband of Redemption was to quickly recruit many of the now refugees. This recruitment drive included the notorious Zytech. Very few wars are won by nobling every village, so recruitment of players is to be expected. However Elite Dynasty and Oots. had a disagreement of a large part of Oots. recruitment of ex-Redemption players; namely Zytech.

Now over the next few days as fleeing ex-Redemption members were nobled, there began ennoblements between Oots. and Elite Dynasty. This was at first contained to Elite Dynasty members taking villages from refugees, and those same refugees fighting back in kind. However war was now on the cards between the two tribes as neither group of leaders wished to back down. All the while as people pointed out these ennoblements on the public forums, there were repeated denials of the war from players in both tribes. However as more and more players became involved on both sides, these objections quickly ceased.

Instrumental in this was Zytech who continued to aggravate the situation. He became notorious for “secret plan” of how to destroy Elite Dynasty. Fairly soon there was a popular copy-cat move made by most players of Zytech’s “Mebe I wil, mebe I wont”. This included the Leadership of Elite Dynasty who, for a time, had “Mebe we’ll noble you, mebe we won’t” as part of their profile.

Oots. and Elite Dynasty were now at war.

Course of War
During the early stages of the war, Oots. were winning on a daily basis, with more ennoblements against Elite Dynasty. Elite Dynasty had rolled into K54 during the brief war with Redemption, and had made heavy gains in K55 as well. However once Oots. were reached, these gains slowed rapidly as the war took hold.

June 20th to July 1st:

Example: 21st to 22nd of June. Elite Dynasty - 15, Oots. -31

(Note: “Elite Dynasty” includes DNY2
, SUKO and SUKO-2. “Oots.” Includes Oots.1)

This continued for several days while Elite Dynasty moved troops from the frontlines with the now disbanded Redemption. Within a matter of days the war was tit for tat, with equal nobling being made by either side against each other most days; Oots. showing slight advantage over all. In K55, MS13KiLLaH had been broken by the force of Oots., with village losses mainly to Bertie37 and Prey Slayer, but others also to Lord Leiska, Howl81 and OmeNemo. These losses continued despite huge amounts of support sent to him and are a testament to the fact that Oots. were an equal match for Elite Dynasty. Between the 22nd of June and he 29th, they took 28 villages and inflicted heavy damage into the Elite Dynasty war front in K55.

Example: 23rd to 25th of June Elite Dynasty - 60, Oots. - 74

(Note: “Elite Dynasty” includes DNY2, SUKO and SUKO-2. “Oots.” Includes Oots.1)

However between solely the main two tribes, things appear much more level. Many of Oots. ennoblements were from poorly recruited SUKO players, deep within their territory.

Example: 23rd to 25th of June Elite Dynasty - 52, Oots. – 56

It was during this period that Suko Sevato’s Slaves (SUKO) became involved. Lead by Suko Sevato and Sudden Death they decimated Zircom in K45 (inactive at this point). This marked their entrance into the war.

Oops. (528|478) K45 9,688 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Sudden Death [SUKO] 27th June 2008 - 23:53:21
Oops. (528|475) K45 9,688 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Sudden Death [SUKO] 27th June 2008 - 21:11:36
k45-SW (528|493) K45 9,704 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 27th June 2008 - 20:44:11
Oops. (523|470) K45 9,692 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Sudden Death [SUKO] 27th June 2008 - 19:12:44
SUKO > Oots (525|462) K45 9,680 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 27th June 2008 - 16:11:56
k45-SW (530|489) K45 9,168 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 27th June 2008 - 15:52:09
Oops. (528|473) K45 9,688 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Sudden Death [SUKO] 27th June 2008 - 05:15:44
SUKO > Oots (532|465) K45 9,680 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 27th June 2008 - 05:10:09
k45-SW (528|495) K45 9,680 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 27th June 2008 - 04:17:56
Oops. (523|469) K45 9,694 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Sudden Death [SUKO] 27th June 2008 - 04:16:26
Oops. (523|474) K45 9,692 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Sudden Death [SUKO] 27th June 2008 - 01:31:06
k45-SW (534|488) K45 9,680 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 27th June 2008 - 00:56:46
k45-SW (530|491) K45 9,690 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 23:41:01
SUKO > Oots (529|465) K45 9,680 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 22:33:38
Therin is God (529|464) K45 9,829 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 22:00:24
SUKO > Oots (527|460) K45 9,828 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 21:47:34
Oops. (525|472) K45 9,690 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Sudden Death [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 20:54:47
Oops. (532|476) K45 9,692 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Sudden Death [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 20:18:34
SUKO > Oots (533|470) K45 9,688 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 19:38:28
Oops. (520|472) K45 9,692 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Sudden Death [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 19:10:40
SUKO > Oots (527|452) K45 9,692 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 18:16:46
Oops. (523|471) K45 9,680 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Sudden Death [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 17:57:10
SUKO > Oots (533|471) K45 9,680 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 17:34:59
k45-SW (530|488) K45 9,690 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 16:07:11
Therin is sexy (529|460) K45 9,592 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 15:59:44
Oops. (520|473) K45 9,709 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Sudden Death [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 13:33:59
Oops. (521|479) K45 9,418 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Sudden Death [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 13:08:48
Oops. (518|471) K45 9,690 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Sudden Death [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 11:37:33
SUKO > Oots (524|466) K45 9,688 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 07:17:40

200A-Penny Lane (570|467) K45 9,730 ZiRCoM [Oots. ]Heavens [Elite Dynasty] 26th June 2008 - 04:24:50

Oops. (520|474) K45 9,680 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Sudden Death [SUKO] 26th June 2008 - 03:54:10

199A-For the benefit of Mr. Kite (573|464) K45 9,692 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Heavens [Elite Dynasty] 26th June 2008 - 00:00:41

SUKO > Oots (525|454) K45 9,680 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 25th June 2008 - 23:44:23
Oops. (513|473) K45 9,680 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Sudden Death [SUKO] 25th June 2008 - 22:59:31
Rednecks is my hero! (518|455) K45 9,366 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 25th June 2008 - 22:26:10
Therin > SUKO (518|454) K45 9,150 ZiRCoM [Oots.] Suko Sevato [SUKO] 25th June 2008 - 20:45:06

(Note: Red indicates ennoblements by SUKO, green by Elite Dynasty) Link to ennoblements here

Now although Zircom was inactive, this strike by SUKO effectively wiped out a huge chunk of the southern Oots. villages in K45. (Heavens also got a couple of Ninja nobles in as well). From this newly reinforced base, SUKO has continued to make gains as you will read later. This strong defensive position is a major strong point in what was then right on the front line.

July 1st to July 10th

The next target to fall in K45 was Oots. largest and possible most dangerous player there, Saulys. Having already lost around 45 villages to Elite Dynasty since the beginning of the war, SUKO continued this with their own assault on him. Between the 4th of July and the 5th, within a 24 hour period, SUKO nobled 26 villages from him. All of these conquers were made by Sudden Death and Suko Sevato, the largest of SUKO’s players in k45. Over the next five days, a further 40 villages were taken from Saulys by this pair, with 44 of Saulys’ other villages also being taken by Elite Dynasty during this period. It has to be noted that Saulys was being account sat during this period, and since he has come back has nobled numerous villages from SUKO and Elite Dynasty players. The villages taken from Elite Dynasty have come from a spread of players, but the majority of villages taken from SUKO were from Nature Boy. Others were taken from Suko Sevato, from heavily defended villages. Many of Oots. Front line villages belonging to Saulys had since been stacked to over 100k swords and 100k spears a piece. That kind of defence takes around 45 nukes to break and had as such been circumnavigated during the push East.

Within K55 an immovable wall had been reached by Elite Dynasty – Zytech. Heavily stacked and more than able to fight back, he remained an obstacle that Elite Dynasty could not climb or crush, and was credited with being an “awesome sniper”. Even while under heavy attack, he managed to sent large quantities of nukes at players such as Rednecks and Faaaaark as well, to maintain the pressure and make the North West of K55 a fierce battle.

Elite Dynasty continued to make gains, however small, and was winning the war; albeit at an exceptionally slow pace. The war continued like this for approximately two weeks, with Elite Dynasty making slow progress when Oots. would allow. During this period, SUKO suffered heavy losses to Oots. who nobled up many of the spread out players, eliminating possible threats inside their own territory. However on the 9th of July, a major event was reached. This was the breaking of one of World 12’s greatest players and Oots. fiercest fighter; Zytech. Throughout the war he had been a Fence that Elite Dynasty couldn’t climb, a river they couldn’t swim. Considered an incredible sniper, while active he maintained both highest Attacker OD and Defender OD, suggesting that while he was receiving a large amount of support he was also an aggressive attacker. However on the 9th of July they finally made a major breakthrough on him. This was the beginning of the end for him as the losses continued into the 10th and beyond

K-55-013 zytech (539|552) K55 11,367 zytech [Oots.] Monasi [DNY] 09th July 2008 - 21:41:18
Elite Dynasty (537|524) K55 8,892 zytech [Oots.] Chulthok [DNY] 09th July 2008 - 20:57:38

DNY (543|544) K55 9,735 *CoRpSe*[DNY] zytech [Oots.] 09th July 2008 - 20:10:53

DNY (543|544) K55 9,991 zytech [Oots.] *CoRpSe* [DNY] 09th July 2008 - 16:17:16
DNY (526|538) K55 9,388 zytech [Oots.] Monasi [DNY] 09th July 2008 - 16:17:05
DNY (538|523) K55 9,297 zytech [Oots.] Chulthok [DNY] 09th July 2008 - 16:17:03
DNY (545|545) K55 9,984 zytech [Oots.] *CoRpSe* [DNY] 09th July 2008 - 16:17:02

(Red = Elite Dynasty Noble, Green = Zytech noble)

Now his losses are not purely down to the efforts of the Elite Dynasty attackers. It is well known he went inactive at this point and that is largely blamed for his village losses. However none the less, with Zytech being nobled and summarily kicked from Oots., the Elite Dynasty in K55 could turn their attention to another area. Elite Dynasty began to make ever increasing gains. Over the next week after Zytech had been broken, Oots. lost over 100 more villages than they took from Elite Dynasty. Also while Zytech was being nobled, he had several “slaves” supporting him. These players were summarily nobled at the same time as Zytech with relative ease as they had troops supporting him and were not of a high enough calibre to fight off the Elite Dynasty aggressors.

July 11th to July 20th

Elite Dynasty continued to noble Oots. villages along all borders; however Oots. continued to win and find off Elite Dynasty assaults in the North of K45.

Example: 12th to 13th of July Elite Dynasty – 12, Oots. – 9

(Note: “Elite Dynasty” includes DNY2, SUKO and SUKO-2. “Oots.” Includes Oots.1)

A key Oots. player in K55 was recruited on the 17th of July; Prey Slayer. He was one of the strongest players on the continent and had been engaged in heavy fighting with the Elite Dynasty players who were trying to move in, namely players such as Emperor Taizu, Faaaaark and Jmslklcs63. Having made early gains against MS13KiLLaH and Baddersben, he quickly came under fire and was reduced to mainly re-nobling lost villages, or taking them from a weaker SUKO player. Credited with being a good sniper, he and Faaaaark agreed to have an attack break over the weekend. Before long Prey Slayer was invited and had joined Elite Dynasty to give them a large portion of K55. Being one of the last major players to be primarily located there (The other being omeNEMO), with his joining of Elite Dynasty, the continent was very much in their hands. He would have an immediate impact when attacks began against the last main Oots. player in K55, omeNEMO.

With this turn of events, a large portion of K55 now became the property of Elite Dynasty as attacks could be focused at the now inactive Zytech

With the DevilK disband on the 19th of July, Elite Dynasty recruited heavily into the North and gained some large new recruits such as Wizdom. They would have a major effect on Oots., with players such as korndogg leaving Oots. soon after coming under attack from Elite Dynasty’s new battle group. However it was not only Elite Dynasty who recruited from the new source of players; FUSION, the FEMA family and the SUKO family also recruited large amounts of players. Many of those located in the Western area of what was DevilK territory joined a mixture of FEMA and Elite Dynasty, with those in the East mainly joining FUSION. The recruits that joined Elite Dynasty were not in any specific area, as only the largest, most active players had been recruited. SUKO primarily recruited those in and around K4, mostly DevilA members who had not been able to gain places in the other, larger tribes.

This massive influx of members was the cause of the second branch of the SUKO family to appear, as there was not enough space within the main tribe. This was more of a merge than recruitment as nearly 30 players joined, in a move negotiated by the then Baron of SUKO (Therin) and the Baron of DevilA, chewedtoothpick. These new recruits to both Elite Dynasty and SUKO wiped out most of the Oots. clusters located in the North, such as the large one on the K14/K24 border. Although this has little effect on the main war front, it has eliminated any support/possible support from these clusters to the front line villages.

July 19th: Emergence of RIMJOB

Several players in Oots. and Oots.1 had been growing ever more disgruntled with the leadership and how the tribe was playing out. These players included AgentOfMayhem, condom-, Lord-Haseo, Wally-, Xruul, deftones43079 and Corkadder along with other members whom followed the group such as Genial Chaos, allwomen, Grim Reality, The Man1970 and other members from the former tribe Reapers Minions. These players decided to break away from the main Oots. tribe and form a separatist tribe called RIMJOB. Located primarily in continents five, fifty nine and sixty nine, their move out from Oots. caused a major loss of territory for the warring tribe.

The reasons for this move are understandable. Many of the players felt that there was a distinct lack of leadership, especially with target allocation. Many players had not even been given players to attack and had to spend all their time defending. An example of this was Prey Slayer who complained of this and soon left to join Elite Dynasty when nothing was forthcoming. Many felt that much of the target allocation was personal, with many being assigned to attack Bob Dover due to his attacks on Pawen. This was so extreme that in fact, until the split, Oots.1 only set target had been Bob Dover. This made little sense in the eyes of some as selecting a target for a tribe which member-base is based around the K59, K69 and K58-68 region is rather pointless when that target is K35-36-45-46 predominantly.

Furthermore they were extremely unhappy with the way some members were treated by other players in the tribe.

Extract from mail sent to Oots. leadership said:
The second and larger issue pertains to the attitudes of numerous members including that of Pawen, Mr. Blonde and the comments made by both that have enraged members of this group continuously. First off, I believe Pawen may be a very wise and intellectual lady but has on numerous times snapped at me, which I have straight out told her not too. However members of our close-knit group are more sensitive or come on here to get away from that from wifes, or exes and don't need to be bitched at by someone over a game.

Mr. Blonde was also criticized heavily in the mail for his abuse of other players. Althalie who was sick of his opinionated comments and rash insults, reported him to Haseo due to his treatment of others. However in Pawen’s defence, it was felt that her aggressiveness was due to a fear of spies as she did not know who to trust. This did not excuse her behaviour in the eyes of the separatists though; as they had done everything asked of them and yet still did not receive the respect they felt they deserved.

Now after the split had been made, it was unclear what RIMJOB would do. Players on both sides of the war speculated as to whether RIMJOB would join the war and if it did on which side. RIMJOB choose wisely to stay neutral. They left what support they had in Oots. villages, yet ceased all attacks against Elite Dynasty and SUKO. While not a critical blow to the Oots. war effort, it did mean a loss of support and the possible worry that eventually RIMJOB would turn on them. Other than that however, this was where RIMJOB’s involvement ended in the war.

July 21st to July 31st

During this period in K55, omeNEMO was broken. He was hit heavily by the combined forces of Prey Slayer and Jmslklcs63 who nobled 16 villages against him between the 20th of July and August the 1st, at an ever increasing pace. (These ennoblements would continue at a rate of roughly 8 a day until the 10th of August when they slowed again). K55 was now nearly entirely owned by Elite Dynasty.

How events took another twist on July the 25th when VIRUSe (previously known as VIRUS) joined the war, officially, (along with their sub-tribe, RABIES) on the side of Oots. This declaration can be found here Ruling the south, VIRUSe had a huge amount of territory from which to attack. There had been rumours circulating for some time that VIRUSe were supporting their allies, Oots., and were soon to make a declaration. It cannot be said that it came as a surprise. However they had one problem, Elite. Elite had recently formed from the Western block of ex-Redemption players, along with ex-ESQ and ex-GAM. They had then become family with -TD- and acted as a wedge between Elite Dynasty and VIRUSe. This made large scale nobling difficult, so they began by wiping out all of Elite Dynasty’s villages outside of the core, largely those in Elite Dominated areas. Players to fall victim included Babanas who lost in the region of 20 in the first 5 days, and Tr3v who also came under sustained attack.

Example: 25th to 26th of July Elite Dynasty - 0, VIRUSe -9

(Note: “Elite Dynasty” includes DNY2, SUKO and SUKO-2. “VIRUSe.” Includes RABIES)

VIRUSe met with early success and nobled most Elite Dynasty villages located further south than the main cluster. Taking nearly 90 villages off Elite Dynasty and SUKO over a two week period, they quickly ran out of targets. Since then VIRUSe and has since been very quiet in this war, largely due to the distance between the tribes. There is no definite border between the two tribes, both having villages in K53, K63, K54 and K64. However there is a partial border between the two located along the split between K55 and K65. Even this is broken up by villages belonging to Elite.

August 1st to August 10th

Example: 5th to 6th of August Elite Dynasty - 1, VIRUSe - 0

(Note: “Elite Dynasty” includes DNY2, SUKO and SUKO-2. “VIRUSe.” Includes RABIES)

During this period of losses to VIRUSe, Elite Dynasty continued to make progress against Oots. By now most of K55 had been taken, with gains also being made along the K36/46 border and in Southern K45 (North fiercely held onto by a determined Oots.) Players such as omeNemo suffered heavily under this onslaught, and have continued to consistently loss villages in K55/56 to this assault. Elite Dynasty players to benefit heavily from this include Prey Slayer, jmslklcs63, Chulthok and Rednecks.

The war has then continued at a mono-tone of nobling between the two main tribes, with Elite Dynasty winning and taking ground. This is most pronounced on the Northern border of Oots. along K46 where Elite Dynasty had made ground. Having had a continent dominance of over 98% of K46 at the start of the war, this rapidly fell to below 90% and continued to fall.

Example: 1st to 10th of August Elite Dynasty - 237, Oots. - 135

(Note: “Elite Dynasty” includes DNY2 and SUKO family. Oots. includes Oots.1, VIRUSe and Rabies)

Animation of the War

FusioN’s Options

FusioN had remained quiet during this war and had/continued to hold a neutral stance. Being allies with both Elite Dynasty and Oots., they could not get involved without breaking one of these friendships. Furthermore they had been engaged in a war with DevilK until its disband on the 19th of July. The disband also went hand in hand with a ceasefire agreement between the two tribes that allowed the active players to find new homes in other tribes, mainly FusioN and Elite Dynasty. Once this had been agreed and DevilK disbanded/recruited, FusioN has simply been eating inactives, and nobling up smaller tribes. This has left FusioN with four options.

Firstly they could simply remain neutral throughout the course f this war and continue to expand in the North East, reinforcing their position as one of the major tribes of World 12. Not being engaged in a war, FusioN would be able to grow much faster as huge quantities of troops were not being used for just a few villages and there is no threat of a large scale loss of villages. This continued growth may possibly allow FusioN to grow in size until it overtakes one of the larger warring tribes, such as Oots. who have fallen to rank three. However the downside to this option is the boredom for the players involved who have no real challenge. This would amplify the inactive player problem that most tribes have, as many would simply quit for lack of any excitement in the game. Inactive eating would then be the primary activity for many players, losing many of the war-hardened players who would be willing to fight a tribe such as Elite Dynasty later in the game.

There second and more daring option would to be to declare war on Oots. Now this would stunt their growth in comparison to if they stayed neutral, but it has other benefits to make up for this. Firstly Oots. are already losing ground to Elite Dynasty and with FusioN joining in, they would rapidly be defeated simply by the extra weight and attacks FusioN would bring. Also it would cause a massive diversion of support from the Elite Dynasty front, accelerating Oots. loses along there. This would allow FusioN to move further south, taking a far more dense area of villages as well as eliminating a large competitor. With Oots. gone, FusioN would have no other major neighbouring tribes other than Elite Dynasty who they would have exceedingly good ties with owing partly down to the already existent relationship, and the fact that FusioN sided with them. Also it’s likely they would gain recruits from Oots., as tribe are rarely entirely nobles, but have several of the best members recruited. Making this move would guarantee FusioN’s place in the top ranks of the World for the foreseeable future and would leave them as one of the every decreasing number of super-power tribes. This situation is fairly predictable; the other two options are not.

Now instead of declaring war on Oots., FusioN could actually declare on Elite Dynasty as well. Now this could play out in several ways, all depending on how good Elite Dynasty really is. Now it’s clear that VIRUSe’s declaration and attack on Elite Dynasty has had little effect on the course of the war. Other than nobling Elite Dynasty’s southern clusters and some of their villages located within Elite, they have done little. This is largely down to the lack of a border, but FusioN does not share this problem. Sharing several continents with Elite Dynasty, they have a huge border along the North East and their declaration would have a huge bearing. Whether Elite Dynasty has the strength to fight them and Oots. off, we will probably never know, as this option is very unlikely to be chosen by FusioN. However in a hypothetical situation, should FusioN declare war, Elite Dynasty may well lose their war. They will have a huge war front and will have many of the villages within FusioN surrounded and taken. Also their push into Northern K46 would become surrounded and would probably also quickly fall. FusioN and Oots. would push them out of their holdings within their respective territories and Elite Dynasty would fall and back.

FusioN would in all likelihood gain a huge chunk of the North, and would begin to share a major border with FEMA villages. Also as Elite Dynasty falls, it is fairly likely that they would go the way of most large tribes to be defeated and disband and be assimilated into other tribes. FEMA would gain heavily in the West in places such as K45 and K35, while Elite would also gain heavily along Elite Dynasty’s southern border. VIRUSe would also likely make gains and push north, as Oots. would be pushing west. K45 would be the obvious target. Also with the fall of Elite Dynasty, SUKO would also probably fall as well. Many of the Northern players share borders with FusioN and it is unlikely they could fight them off. Also, Suko Sevato and Sudden Death in K45 would either join Oots. or go down fighting, destroying the leadership of the family. This would in all likelihood be compounded by the fact FusioN may well also war the rest of the SUKO family. With this tribe taken out, the North would hold no other large tribes and would be completely free to be nobled. Where would all of this leave FusioN? They would be any ally down in Elite Dynasty, but would have improved relations with Oots. providing there is no upset caused by recruitment of the disbanded tribe. However their home continents would also be in a much stronger positions with a higher dominance, as well as a large move towards the core being made. Should they win, they would also control most of the North of the map as well, rivalling VIRUSe for size. However there would also be problems. They would now share a border with FEMA, and maybe Elite as well depending on who joins who. Also they would have lost a lot of player support seeing as they had such a close relationship with Elite Dynasty. Furthermore this is all providing they win. I very much doubt they would lose, but if they did I don’t even want to hazard a guess to the outcome. If Elite Dynasty did fight them off, then they would definitely deserve to be regarded as the best tribe on World 12.

However the third and most unlikely option of the lot would to be to declare on both. This is the most unlikely for a reason, that reason being that it would open up a war front along FusioN’s longest border, against arguably some of the best and most accomplished players in World 12. Also it would mean breaking not one, but two alliances, both with tribes larger than itself, not normally considered a wise move. By breaking both of these alliances, FusioN would have left them-selves friendless in a hostile world. It is nearly impossible to predict what would happen should they follow this option through, so I will not attempt to. However I believe that by declaring on both, that FEMA would in all likelihood become involved. All that is certain is that the World would have just taken a step towards the chaotic side of a World War.

(Note: Something similar did actually happen so will be updated. Check 5th of September for events)

August 11th to August 20th

During this period, Elite Dynasty continued to make small gains against the Oots. main tribe and its families. However Oots. and VIRUSe made up some of this ground as well by dominating against the SUKO players within range, easily out-matching them.

Example: 12th to 13th August Elite Dynasty – 18, Oots. – 11

(Note: “Elite Dynasty” includes DNY2 and SUKO family. Oots. includes Oots.1, VIRUSe and Rabies)

However it is worth mentioning this. Only 6 of the villages Elite Dynasty took from the “Oots. side” were from the main tribe, 12 coming from the sub-tribe of Oots.1. Also of the 11 ennoblements by Oots. side, again only 3 were against the main Elite Dynasty branch, 8 being against the SUKO family. At this stage in the war, it was obviously going slowly in Elite Dynasty’s favour; however it was clear that it was by no means over. It was during this period that an sat Elite Dynasty player, Babanas, was heavily targeted. Between the 10th and 20th of August he was relieved of 21 villages. These attacks against had been mainly made by players such as Xaq, sittingduck808 and later sicplayer23, all members of VIRUSe.

August 21st to August 31st

September 1st to September 10th

Oots. return to the Shadows:

FusioN go Nuclear!

FusioN actually came close to the final option suggested earlier, by declaring war on a large portion of the remaining major tribes. In fact they declared war on the Elite Family (This was fairly inconsequential as the shared no border), VIRUSe and B-SW (B-SW being close relations to VIRUSe and also being located in the south). The declaration was made by The Cracker] on the 5th of September and can be found here. This option was not accounted for initially largely because the predictions were made before the surrender of Oots. (Now called “Pits”)

The Cracker, a duke within FusioN, made a surprise declaration. The only players informed that it was being made were the Heavy Cavalry of FusioN and Emperor Taizu roughly five minutes before it was actually made.

The Cracker on MSN said:
my fellow duke flem 100 had no idea and was surprised to find us at war when he logged on

However one Faux Pas was made, saying that stats should not be posted for a week so that players had time to attack. Many players hold the view that stats should be posted every 24 to give up-to-date information on the course of war; and that by saying this, the tribe in question is simply trying to cover up an inadequacy on the nobling front. I’m not suggesting that this was the case here as there is a valid reason for saying this; nobling times were over 200 hours for many players, that’s roughly just under 8 days. To post stats before would not have shown anything as attacks that were sent after the declaration was made still hadn’t reached their target, giving the impression that FusioN were not actually doing anything.

Also the declaration differed from many in that it made no attempt (Other than “pulling names from a hat”) to justify or give reason for the war. Many such as the VIRUSe declaration give reasons for the war. These reasons are then typically picked apart by the forum community and rarely serve any use in a post. Also mentioned was the FusioN “Mutant Axeman”. Regular references are made in places such as the DevilK vs FusioN War threads. However the actual legend of the Axeman, provided to me by The Cracker, is here:

Legend of the Mutant Axeman said:
So all newcomers can share in the phenomenon that is the mutant axe, and so it will not be forgotten, I will tell the story of how it came to be. This is bellsofireland, I am stating my name because I leave w12 soon, and eventually my name will disappear and I will not exist here.

Once upon a time, fresh from our KIMCHI victory, FUSION had another threat to worry about: RAMS began making trouble for our new but growing tribe. Outraged, we immediately declared war and the battle began. It was violent and bloody and troops were dying by the thousands! (Moreso on their side than on ours, lol..) I was peacefully doing my part, sending fakes and supporting my tribemates, when, a few days into the war, we received intel that the RAMS intended to bypass our frontlines and launch fake attacks against several members further south, including me! Baffled by this new "strategy", we waited.

And sure enough, the following day when I logged on, I had 9 incoming attacks spread over 6 of my villages. Throughout the day more attacks were sent against me, until I had 19 incomings total, spread over 12 of my villages, from 10 different players, all arriving within a 36 hour period. I was not in the least frightened, and had half a mind to mail these incompetent players and tell them how fakes should be done. However, helping out players with whom you are at war is not advisable, so I opted instead to show them, and barraged two of them with fakes, including one nuke in the mix (I had to leave at that point, and by the time I logged back on the war was ending).

I knew that all the attacks against me were fake, but just in case, I decided to dodge them, since a lot of my defense was tied up supporting others (oddly enough, they all landed during times I can be online regularly). I left my scouts in my villages, however, in case scouts were included in any of the attacks. Imagine my shock when one of the reports came back yellow, and I saw that one fake attack consisting of a single axe had destroyed one of my scouts!

Astonished, I posted a topic in the General forum titled "I just lost a troop in a fake attack!" I told my story, and said it must have been a super-axe. FUSION members immediately expanded on this theory and added lots of new ones. Legends and myths involving the mutant axe have multiplied and grown, and still no one is quite sure exactly what made that axeman so special. Some say he was genetically altered, a top-secret government project. Some say he was bitten by a radioactive spider. Some say he could fly, and after flying over my level 20 wall he hurled his axe down and decapitated a scout before he was killed by a tripwire spear. Some say he knew he would die in battle, and vowed to himself that he would be remembered - and he was. Some say he was so monstrously terrifying that the scout committed Hara-kiri upon seeing him (I deny this - my scouts were courageous men, every one - besides, they don't have weapons to commit Hara-kiri with).

The other scouts all had their eyes so diligently trained on the areas they were supposed to be watching that no one saw exactly what happened. There was the swishing sound of a blade cutting through the air, and then one of their comrades was on the ground, dead. In the ensuing confusion, the axe was killed as well, most likely by a tripwire spear lent to me by CombJelly. The remaining 1199 scouts gathered around the fallen axeman and began to prod and study him (after all, that's what scouts are for, obtaining information). They were able to clone his DNA, which I passed on to all of FUSION so that we can all make mutant axes now, but they never did find out exactly why that DNA is different.

So we utilize the mutant axes, but we still have only legends and theories to explain them, they are a mystery even to us, and they are our greatest weapon

Now the results of this could have been very interesting. Firstly it gave FusioN a brilliant opportunity to move further south and possibly take control of the Mid East instead of RIMJOB, as well the North East which they already hold. With the new recruits from Oots. being sent support and with the core of FusioN’s players in the North sending troops and nobles south, this presented a perfect opportunity for FusioN to become a strong force in the south, taking villages from VIRUSe and fortifying their hold. FusioN now had a real opportunity to take up the mantle of Oots. as a possible rival for the rank 1 position with Elite Dynasty. VIRUSe hold many of the continents in the mid south, B-SW holding several of those located in the South-West. Providing they take a fair portion of these, FusioN had a strong opportunity to effectively form a barrier between the Eastern rim of the map and the rest of the world, leaving it free for them alone to solely expand there and become possibly the largest tribe in World 12. The only competition they would have would be RIMJOB, however FusioN at this stage were still much larger, and actually split the Northern cluster of the tribe from the Eastern block. (RIMJOB being split into two main clusters at this stage)

However much of the nobling would have to be have been long range as the main bulk of FusioN players were a long distance from VIRUSe, and even further from the B-SW family. This would make progress slow, providing there was any. There was always the possibility that VIRUSe would be able to fight of the FusioN attacks, and would in-fact begin to win in their war against this tribe. Neither tribe having had much contact militarily against each other before, it would have be envery difficult to tell which tribe would come out on top in a one on one conflict. However Elite Dynasty were also nobling on VIRUSe’s northern border and conflicts within the tribe were already weakening at this stage.

September 11th to September 20th

RIMJOB get involved:

Yet another tribe joined the fight against a now beguiled VIRUSe, RIMJOB. Lord Haseo declared war on the 14th of September, and the declaration can be found here. This was pretty much the final nail in the coffin for VIRUSe who were now at war with Elite Dynasty, FusioN and now RIMJOB. Other than the FEMA family, they were by far the largest tribes, wielding the most villages and continents by far. Already losing ground, this declaration had the effect of closing all hope for VIRUSe, and effectively signed their fate to later disband/surrender.

This war would present much the same opportunities for RIMJOB as it did for FusioN, save for the fact that RIMJOB were located further East than FusioN, and would therefore in a better position to fully dominate that area.

To do list:
August and Sepetmeber war information
More detail needed on events in K36, 46, 56.
Surrender of Oots.
RIMJOB entering the war
Disband of VIRUSe
End of war and effects.
Splinter tribes formed
More detail needed on events in K36, 46, 56.

Add a HUGE amount more detail on just about everything

Updated information:
Correction on information regarding SUKO
Edit cause of Redemption disband
Emergence of RIMJOB.
Detail on k45
Interview Nickers on his one-man war with Oots.
FusioN’s Options
Correct Fusion’s Options
Entrance of FusioN

Property of

Touch it and I touch you​
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Control F = A key Oots player in K55 was recruited on the 17th of July; Prey Slayer, look at the sentence after. Should say "one" not "on".


I like it! It's very informative and explains a lot of stuff, keep up the good work Therin! :icon_surprised:


I hope to see this updated. It's fantastic.

I like it! It's very informative and explains a lot of stuff, keep up the good work Therin! :icon_surprised:

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You mention Athalie28 near the beginning.... I'm friends with her on w25, sort of glad too! Lol.

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The Cracker, a duke within FusioN, was charged with making the declaration and made a reasonable job of it. However one Faux Pas was made, saying that stats should not be posted for a week so that players had time to attack. Many players hold the view that stats should be posted every 24 to give up-to-date information on the course of war; and that by saying this, the tribe in question is simply trying to cover up an inadequacy on the nobling front. (I’m not suggesting that this was the case). Also the declaration differed from many in that it made no attempt to justify or give reason for the war. Many such as the VIRUSe declaration give reasons for the war. These reasons are then typically picked apart by the forum community and rarely serve any use in a post. Also mentioned was the FusioN “Mutant Axeman”. Some of the newer players would not have understood the reference made in the declaration. Simply, the “Mutant Axeman Myth” is a joke saying that a normal nuke was not as strong as a Mutant Axeman for FusioN. Regular references are made in places such as the DevilK vs FusioN War threads.

If you would like me to pick apart this entire paragraph and give you the truth send me a mail or contact me on msn


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If you would like me to pick apart this entire paragraph and give you the truth send me a mail or contact me on msn

1) I dont have your MSN
2) I typed that at about midnight after a long day so the fact I'm even choerent is surprising. If you hate it that much, send me a PM with your corrections :lol:


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Mainly about FusioN, and adding links. In places this has gone wrong etc so Ive got alot of mistakes to edit.


I've said before and I'll say again, good job on this. Even if it has a couple of mistakes, its very interesting. Shame you still say that Zircom was inactive when he had an active sitter though :(



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