World 14 on Speed


For the next 2-3 months we will be running 48 hour rounds on the speed world that emulate our current worlds.

The features will basically be the same as world 14.

First 100 people in are free, after that it is only 1 premium point to join the world. If you have ever wanted to play a high speed version of world 14 or a high speed version of settings you've never tried, here's your chance!

Settings Include the following:

Bonus Villages
No farm rule
No fake limit
Morale: active (time based)
Techs: Simplified Research
Church: not active
Paladin: Yes with items
Archers: Yes

World 14's round will start Friday June 19th at 16:00 Server Time, and will run for 48 hours. There of course is sleep mode for those who need to sleep/work :p So bring your friends, set up teams and see if you could outlast your neighbors on a high speed world!
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too bad it doesn't start late monday i'd be able to amke it then.


I'll be in this world, I really like the settings and 300 is a good speed.


Yeah 400 speed would be much better, maybe if it lasted a week the 200 would be good. But for 48 hours the speed sould be would be much more fun and much more action