world 20 closing,final statements and nostalgia thread


the world is a better place with all the hugging and kissing spread love not war
ahh prime did that on this world well done prime lol
just joking ill give credit where its due prime won fair and square well played


i think that atid and aakminer are the last of sparta which are fighting back.....Well done!

They will sing songs in your honor in my taverns while roasting pig and drinking ale.

Oh re aakminer he is truly the last bastion....well done.

OOPS look what i found!!!!
2010,October 11th 01:17
This thread has been dead for over 6 months.

Anyways - here is my application to Prime.

1. I am active, sort of experienced, and NOT a noob.
2. I know how to snipe, send noble trains at w/e speed you want (even illegal ones).
3. I have managed a 7mil acc from the start which I am still managing.
4. I have skype and am active in many worlds, tribal wars forums, and in-game.
5. I like Prime and thus...

Can I join?
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remember when prime created 2 tribes with all their low point players and they were supposed to noble each other to get back into the tribe..


although I quit my account a few months ago in the summer, I miss the folks I met whilst playing w20 - I see my account it still there :)

I have joined another world, but it just isnt the same.

Perhaps, as the world draws to a close it would be nice to rate some players and give reasons why - I am sure Harry can come up with some suitable headings for various categories (best player / most annoying player etc etc)


Congrats to Prime for winning...I was in S.A.W and KONO



From Angel to Fate, to Pirate back to Fate, then to Kiltom, booted from Kiltom to Prime, it's been fun guys!


i hope every one has enjoyed this world as much as i have well played all


Here's a crappy gif showing the rise and fall of hulk... Figured I might as well, considering the world is ending soon. Congrats to prime for managing to pull through as the world-winner



Thanks for the compliments alanazz... Good job getting back to almost the same number of villages u had in k 98 before i took them all :p
Was it 250? I think that was probably my fastest expansion... within 3 days I think I gained over 200 villages. I enjoyed that :)

(btw, the forum post u quoted was posted as a joke... the forums were dead and i was hoping to get some excitement/more activity going, I eventually gave that up).

I wish this world didn't have to close so soon. I wanted to go fighting till the end, until Prime is forced to 'rim' me!
I still have 600+ villages and majority control over K 98 >:O and the world is ending :(


ohaider, I just wanted to congratulate everyone who made the final stage. You reached something most people can't even dream about, just the dedication of playing constantly for about 3 years is fascinating. I'm just gonna keep it short and wish you good luck on whatever you will be doing in the future, probably big gap you need to fill up :icon_wink:

Junker. (X-Prime & NMA player)


just for the Record

Hi All
I haven'tposted much at all throughout my time on world 20, I have enjoyed my time here from the start meeting new people and strugglin to learn and improve.
But just for the recored Guyver used to sit my account when we were in tribes together but since he left world 20 and I eventually joined Sparta whom i had been fighting for quite some time. Guyverone has not sat my account I have not had a sitter I was injured and indisposed for quite some time and could only log on for breif intervals at various random times and that has continued up to today, unfortunatly in the most recent past someone got into my account and did some things that caused me to get banned until today which is my first time on line since the bann.
I find it unfortunate that someone would do that at this late stage of the game as I had every intention to fight to the end. unfortunatley that was not to be.
Thank you all for the pleasure of the competition and the loyal tribmates I have been with over the times.
I doubt I will be joining another world.
goodluck to all in your future worlds,
Well done Chris, and thanks to Drea,Jhill,Ryan and H
Though some may doubt it.
those mentioned will know this is the original and only Qualist
Onward and Upward Strength in Unity.

Goodluck to all.


Well done on all who made to the end .. :icon_cool:

Now on to new worlds to conquer .. lol

Thanks pRIMe

We handled w20 like a boss !!


Over the years we endured much flaming here on the pnp , the chief culprit was my old mate Guyver who is actually a pretty good dude and i owe him for teaching me the secrets of opera hot keys .. thanks mate for your help and your pnp posts over the years even when they were flaming us they made me laugh ..




I guess as co duke of the winning tribe and one of the old dudes of w20 i should say something deep and profound about it all ..


Thanks for all the great fun over the last 3 and a bit years it has been a total blast .. look me up on w55 if you are there .. {:

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Well, Congratz to prime, I would like to thank all the players in w20 who trusted me and helped me with my Anti-Prime ops :) Wish I had more time to play TW..but with my last diploma year and p/time work I cant manage to play, well I quit tw w20 mainly when I had sinaelyan and I had 'Lvls like 2 yrs ago or so, tw is an impeniative game and requires alot of time, maybe one day when my life settles a bit down I might return....for sure I will need alot of training again because I have forgoten alot of things and not up to date with any new updates made by tw management.

Orclord, Im sorry I didnt gave you nor started tw in your tribe but I didnt have any time in my hands :( Thanks for everything Orc.
Guver ;) What's Up mate!
JUnker :) Long time no seen my friend....

Well Randerson is now leading a ranked 1 tribe SWAT in w52 (the tribe he stole from me :O).... Ive played with alot of players but guys...Randerson is the most backstabbing guy and you cannot trust....SOmetimes im too good hearted to play this game :/ I trusted him alot and he always turned down my loyalty to him :(

See you around guys.... Hope you still remember meh :)



My fondest memory from this world was when I joined a little tribe called AJS. They were a small bunch of friendly people, didn't really have any power at that point. They then later formed S.A.W - I was there for that, and I was happy to see what the tribe had developed into. Then we formed into Fusion (due to a merger) - I didn't want this to happen but I stayed there as I vowed to leave this world under their banner. I was loyal to them until the day I quit (at which time I left the tribe and chucked myself in a 1 man tribe).

I would just like to give a massive thanks to:

Feistylady - If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have stayed as long; I'm glad I made a friend I still contact from this game :)
Dorin Baba - What he lacked in English skills, he made up for in loyalty- Was a good guy.
SAIC artist - Didn't really talk to you must (at the time I was playing you decided to become inactive) but you really shaped the direction of our alliance.
Ampac - When I first started this game I was in an alliance with you (early stages of the game) - I can remember the name of this alliance, nrg or something... But I still remember these days :)
Quincy - We hated eachover even-though you were the leader of the tribe, but you were so intolerable... No hard feelings ;)


thanks maxx i did my best to keep the world going as long as i could
the world could of ended different if prime had not recruited the way they did but thats all part of the game i have no complaints about the way prime have played this world they deserve the win well done
as you say there are a few players i would like to congratulate for there efforts top marks for
Ragefang most consistent attacker
Captmat for his achievements
The maxx most Honorable player
Ampac even with all the criticism he proved his worth
Louisa and walter for just being good friends
the list could go on
well done all

hi, it was fun fighting against you in k79. :icon_smile:


like wise mate i just run out of troops in the end and your a better player anyway well played


You know the poster I missed most off of W20? King ziggy the 2.

His timeline thread at the end of it would have been a nice way to finish the world and reflect.

Oh, and I'll hold the title for being on the most accounts on this world.