World 4 on Speed


For the next 2-3 months we will be running 48 hour rounds on the speed world that emulate our current worlds.

The fourth round will be emulating world 4 of course!

First 100 people in are free, after that it is only 1 premium point to join the world. If you have ever wanted to play a high speed version of world 4 or a high speed version of settings you've never tried, here's your chance!

Settings Include the following:

No Bonus Villages
No farm rule
Morale: active (time based)
Techs: 3-Level-system
Church: not active
Archers: No
Fake Limit: Not active

I will activate the world later today, and it will appear here:

Feel free to use your world forums/discussion forums to figure out your groups, and make sure you stop by the Speed World Forums to let everyone know you're coming! :)

World 4's round will start Thursday May 28th at 21:00 Server Time, and will run for 48 hours. There of course is sleep mode for those who need to sleep/work :p So bring your friends, set up teams and see if you could outlast your neighbors on a high speed world!
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Will the speed be open for other accounts who aren't on world 4?
Yeah its just a speed round with the same settings as world 4. Anyone can enter, and if your quick you can play for free - just be one of the first hundred that sign up for it.

Gamble guy

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Yeah, I know, plays them sometimes.
But it's kinda normal round if it's not only members of w4, that had been waaay better!