World 4 on Speed


For the next 2-3 months we will be running 48 hour rounds on the speed world that emulate our current worlds.

The fourth round will be emulating world 4 of course!

First 100 people in are free, after that it is only 1 premium point to join the world. If you have ever wanted to play a high speed version of world 4 or a high speed version of settings you've never tried, here's your chance!

Settings Include the following:

No Bonus Villages
No farm rule
Morale: active (time based)
Techs: 3-Level-system
Church: not active
Archers: No
Fake Limit: Not active

I will activate the world later today, and it will appear here:

Feel free to use your world forums/discussion forums to figure out your groups, and make sure you stop by the Speed World Forums to let everyone know you're coming! :)

World 4's round will start Thursday May 28th at 21:00 Server Time, and will run for 48 hours. There of course is sleep mode for those who need to sleep/work :p So bring your friends, set up teams and see if you could outlast your neighbors on a high speed world!
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im playing this one, hopefully some good w4 players will actually play this.

Gamble guy

Will the speed be open for other accounts who aren't on world 4?


Will the speed be open for other accounts who aren't on world 4?

Yeah its just a speed round with the same settings as world 4. Anyone can enter, and if your quick you can play for free - just be one of the first hundred that sign up for it.

Gamble guy

Yeah, I know, plays them sometimes.
But it's kinda normal round if it's not only members of w4, that had been waaay better!