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A Perfect Circle

I find it hard to fathom that I have actually spent almost three years on world 40. With the end coming in a little more then a half day I wanted to thank all the people that have been there as a friend or have made me laugh.

In the early days, the pre LakeWind days, I want to thank Bolrog, Mateous Killick, Salemcrew, SirDevo, MadKingDavey, Spigot and Stendle. You guys had me in tears some mornings with your ridiculously hilarious spam.

Next I would like to thank Hourly Watchman, Roses, Adventurer, Jimmy, and Dragon of the Sun for their support and keeping their word.

Once I joined KataklysmiC I met alot of the people that would end this world with me. To start off the K56 crew; Renshi P (Mark) Rober116 (Matt), Punkor (Martin), and Kotche (dabz), Renshi P (Borby). Nothing has topped those days for fun, what an amazing team we were. Also thankyou to BushwhackerLove for your words of encouragement while I was being opped. Simon (emiraldi) Thank you for always being online with support and scripts, and thank you UrNuTzEr for making me fake and nuke scripts when mine stopped working of course Germanic for endless hours of conversation. are the best Duke I have ever had in all of tribal wars. Your trust in me and my wife was touching. I wish I had the time to help you win your other world, but honestly these large scale worlds have taken there toll and I am extreemly burned out.

Phoenix2050, it was a honor to get to know you the little I did. You are a role model to so many in Kata. Your forum posts have always been a delight (as they tend to trump everyone else's). A lot of the one sentence words of wisdom you have passed on stayed with me, and I have already passed some on to others.

Finally, Procthewalk, I dont know where to start with you. As an enemy you had respect and an unbending will, truely rare to find in an opponent. Afterwards, as a Duke, as a tribemate, you are the absolute best. I sincerly hope that we will get a chance to play a world again. I am proud to call you friend.

To the rest of Kata, thankyou for the wars, the support and the laughs.

A Perfect Circle
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I sure miss all my brothers and sisters in Kata on W40 including my co-player Number1one. It was a lot of fun.