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Discussion in 'World 43' started by harbinger297, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    Purely hypothetical, about if we made "teams" of 10 per tribe, what would the outcome be? (This isn't directly relating to the world currently, but as a hypothetical, if all accounts were the same size, each in perfect locations, full of troops and a clear frontline, etc.)

    Here is round one(picked at random, and referring to the original account owners where applicable):



    Remember, if all were the original owners, they were all the same size accounts, no co-players, etc.

    Who would your money be on?
  2. stedan11

    stedan11 Guest

    This is great Harb! Neither one of my accounts are on here, so that would mean I could actually quit this world.

    Let's do it. My account is now open for internaling. Good Luck everyone!
  3. davetheboss

    davetheboss Guest

    :icon_sad:Not your best post harb, I ve checked it 3 time and can't see my name:icon_sad:
  4. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    There's like 150 possible players or something for this. 20/150 leaves 130 people not picked for that round. Now is anyone going to lay down some possible scenarios? Maybe then I will do the next set :icon_razz:
  5. I am on the list, but its original owners which counts me out even though I play Fester lol
  6. wee jock

    wee jock Guest

    To my mind side 1 would probably just edge it. Side 2 only has 4 players worth bothering about although protector6 and 503 I have never really heard anything about them.

    (this is also assuming the original Fincky was going to stay sober) :icon_razz:
  7. duhrigs

    duhrigs Guest

    I can make a guess based on what I know

    Side 1:
    Tribb: he was raw, fantastic leader and feared by the enemy. took 100+ villages on his own account and tons more on other accounts before he quit. I would just be happy he was on my side. :icon_biggrin:

    Kokheng: one of the few Nuts! players that ever really fought back. He showed some skill. He wasn't the best player, but he had heart and balls.

    The Dark Beast: never personally played with him, but based on what i saw when i ran his account and what I have heard he was ferocious.

    Hax0r: this is one that I do remember. He made k65 an early hot spot between icarus and FRST and Cod.

    Fincky: never met the original player, but I would probably prefer bobble any day. If the original could compare to him then certainly a good addition.

    Do I Know You?: No I don't. Never heard a lick out of this one. Never seen a support request because of his attacks.

    Prime Abuse: This is a guy that can be counted on in a fight. He was the only serious threat in the AAA Vs. WMD war. he was a turtle, but a darn good one. Broken speech but very enthusiastic.

    The Jacal: Never saw this one do much either.

    Protector_6: made the right move in merging with Gypsy, it saved his tribe mates. I have heard that he is a decent player from his own tribe mates, but then again, they are his own tribe mates.

    Me: In all honesty, I think i compare well against some of side two and badly against some. By no means am I great but I Know my way around the game. [/spoil]

    Side 2:

    [spoil]Mack: Never seen this one do anything except wage war on barbs. I wouldn't be afraid if this player came nose to nose with me. He/She nobles quite quickly and is ranked #3 and is probably the least feared player on the enemy side in the real war on W43.

    Kaii: Not sure.

    The Zodiac Killer: This is a player that i wish was on the frontline vs. Ni/Nuts! etc. Active, willing to help, good player.

    dimfas: Idk anything about this one.

    Greenmantle: another retired player. Retired before I met him.

    trblwarguy: In my eyes, he is unproven on the battle field. Perhaps he is a turtle, perhaps he is a bit inactive.

    Uncle Fester: the original player was great. if he was still playing then this war would have gone much faster. he was our front runner and was unstoppable until he retired and even then Nuts! couldn't get the account out of their back yard.

    DelBorgo: Still playing, not to be messed with. A good addition for side 2.

    Glimras and 503tsx: I don't know anything about them and I couldn't even tell you where they are on the map. [/spoil]

    In my opinion, side one would win. It looks like a fairly even match up based on skill, but side 2 lacks a definate leader. Both sides have players who can get the job done, but side 2 has more players that are more willing to watch than play.
  8. The Jacal

    The Jacal Contributing Poster

    Apr 8, 2010
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    I like you Ryan, but your post sucked bro... (and NO, it had nothing to do with what you said about me! lol:lol:
  9. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest


    My money would probably be on side 1, looking at it. As rigs said, I think the internal structure would end up being better on side 1, which we all know plays just as big, if not a bigger, part than the skill itself. I threw protector and 503tsx in to give it a bit more range, rather than just FRST/Ni. I'll do a 2nd round too shortly.
  10. man, ill take on all of yall myself :D
  11. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    Ok, new match up, assuming as before it's the original players, 100% activity, no distractions, etc:


    Bets? Each side has a disadvantage player too :icon_wink:

    (Headlights V Wno1 would be a brilliant one all by itself, imagine the PnP :icon_biggrin:)
  12. do i count for the cb account?
  13. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    I suppose. It takes the 3 of you to = the activity of 1 player, so it's not unfair :icon_razz:
  14. The Jacal

    The Jacal Contributing Poster

    Apr 8, 2010
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    I place my bet on side 2
  15. duhrigs

    duhrigs Guest

    Thats a pretty destructive lineup for side two.

    and what did you dislike about my post jacal?
  16. stedan11

    stedan11 Guest

    But how could you know? Nobody has ever seen me 100% active, lol.

    I would like to trade Chocolate Bear for say..........Uncle Fester. I think that would make it more fair.
  17. slingzaar

    slingzaar Guest

    Side 2, definitely. They have size and activity, however, I think that Side 1 has better leadership.
  18. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    Well this is assuming there was 100% activity. So let's say none of them had jobs or lives, and played 18 hours a day. :icon_razz:

    Also, assuming they all had the same size accounts. This a hypothetical not based on their accounts here, but the players in general.
  19. wee jock

    wee jock Guest

    Harb we could all be good players if we could be on for 18 hours a day sending out attacks.

    This is a pretty one sided affair for side 2 imo. Sling side 2 has the best coordinator of the lot in Dark beast who really knew how to get everyone along on an op. Crispy and Nick mean side 1 lack the firepower whereas side 2 has 4 good steady players that will always keep attacking without anyone really noticing that they are taking villages every day.
  20. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    Not really, if we were all on 18 hours a day, then activity wouldn't be an advantage. Currently being on 18 hours a day would make you a good player, because the others aren't on 18 hours, If they were, then it wouldn't be an advantage, and you would be back on even footing again.

    If everyone was on the same amount of time, same size accounts, and so forth, it would boil down to tactical decisions, skill, timing, etc, not activity or size.